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Women in Camp Liberty complain of blockade, rocket attacks

Female Camp Liberty residents staging rally to condemn the siege imposed on the camp
Female Camp Liberty residents staging rally to condemn the siege imposed on the camp

Iran Probe
Saturday, 12 March 2016

Iranian dissident women in Camp Liberty-Hurriya, located near Baghdad International Airport, called on the United Nations to have a siege imposed on the camp lifted and punish those individuals who carried out 7 attacks against Iranian dissident refugees in Iraq, the Middle East based Arabic “ELAPH” website reported on March 10th from London. These Iranian dissidents emphasized they are placed under repression and torture through a blockade and rocket attacks.

This subject was raised during a rally staged by the women of Camp Liberty on March 8th, marking International Women’s Day and protesting the “cruel siege imposed on the camp, especially its female residents.”

“In my country, Iran, women are living under the cruelty of the mullahs’ regime,” said Azadeh, a woman in Camp Liberty. “We female members of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) are also the targets of the most repulsive methods of crackdown and torture in this camp. We have also been the purpose of 4 rocket attacks leaving dozens of people killed and hundreds of others injured. We may come under attack at any moment now. Along with other women in Camp Liberty we have signed a letter to the U.N. and U.S. calling for them to live up to their commitments in the face of the residents and demanding urgent action to lift the cruel siege imposed on Liberty.”

“The mullahs have turned my country, Iran, into a large prison for women,” said Somaye, another woman living in Camp Liberty. “My sisters and I here exited Iran to flee the mullahs’ repression. However, with the utmost regret we are now placed under pressures in Liberty, and a number of women have lost their lives in the numerous attacks staged on the camp. These attacks will continue considering the fact that the mullahs see their survival in the annihilation of the PMOI. Another grave humanitarian catastrophe may take place at any moment in Liberty. Therefore, I call upon all women’s rights organizations, international organizations and the U.N. to take action to end this inhumane and cruel siege. They should also place it on their agenda to punish those who ordered seven attacks against us in Ashraf and Liberty.”

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