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The Untold Story of Camp Ashraf

Cover of "The Untold Story of Camp Ashraf"
Cover of "The Untold Story of Camp Ashraf"

This monograph is very timely. The "untold story" is not about a tragedy or misconduct in the past, but about current failure of the international community to take the necessary measures to protect over 3000 Iranian dissidents residing in Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty in Iraq. 

The facts are stark. The United States, in writing, guaranteed these people safety when they handed over to the US Army their only means of defending themselves, and they are now dying at the hands of America’s erstwhile allies, the Iraqi Government, goaded by Baghdad’s new best friends, the Government of Iran. This is certainly a political and moral failure.

Simultaneously, the UN has proved completely incapable and disingenuous in attempting to protect the refugees, constantly siding with the Iraqi government.

The UN Mission in Iraq has been remarkably not only ineffective, but counterproductive, always offering excuses about why this is someone else's fault, and by providing misleading information to justify its failure. The UNHCR has also failed to uphold its obligations and take full responsibility for protecting and assisting these refugees, in accordance to its mandate ...

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