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Iran- Syria- Arresting Clergy for protesting dispatch of Sunnis to war in Syria

Apr 09
Mulawi Fathi Mohammed Naghshbandi
Mulawi Fathi Mohammed Naghshbandi
By Iran Probe staff
Sunday, 9 April 2017

Following the arrest of Molawi Kouhi, the Sunni Friday Prayer for Peshmagh town in the Sarbaz County of Sistan-Baluchestan province in east of Iran, Mulawi Fathi Mohammed Naghshbandi including other distinguished Sunni clergies in the Sarbaz County went to the City of Mashad to campaign for the release of Mulawi Kouhi.
Mulawi Kuhi was arrested on April 3, for protesting against dispatching young Sunnis from the County to the war in Syria. The arrest order was issued by a special tribunal for clergies. He had publicly preached that “any Sunni clergy who goes to fight in Syria is not a clergy but an oppressor”.
The people of county have begun their protests since the day of Kuhi’s arrest. The protesters from Sarbaz County blocked the road Iranshar-Chahbahar by setting fire to old tiers to reject the arrest of the Sunni clergy.

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