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Iran- Syria- Interference: Syrian opposition: regimes in Tehran & Syria are two sides of one coin

Feb 07
Khamenei, Assad and Putin are the murderers of the Syrian people
Khamenei, Assad and Putin are the murderers of the Syrian people

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Sunday, 7 February 2016

Following the Geneva peace conference ending in a failure, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Syrian peace talks in Geneva are meaningless when Russia and Bashar Assad’s forces are continuing their attacks against innocent people.
Waves of condemnations are pouring in against vicious airstrikes conducted by Russia and the Bashar Assad regime.
The attacks staged by Russia in and around the city of Aleppo have only targeted forces opposing Assad, and ISIS is not the subject of these airstrikes.
On the other hand the Syrian opposition-associated Orient TV reported Syrian rebels fought off an attempt by Assad forces and Iranian regime’s mercenaries to infiltrate into the city of Ritan, north of Aleppo, killing 25 of their fighters. Engineer Yahiya Na’na, head of the Free Aleppo Provincial Council and member of the Aleppo Revolutionary Council said in an exclusive interview with the Iranian opposition-associated INTV satellite TV station: “The Iranian regime is recruiting Afghan migrants and dispatching them to kill the Syrian people. These militias killed and burned 107 locals in three villages south of Aleppo. These crimes are being carried out by individuals who claim to be Muslims. However, how can we consider this regime as a member of the Islamic society?”
“Fighting against these two regimes [Iran and Syria] needs patience and perseverance, and we have a duty to fight these two enemies in a united manner and our power is in our unity,” he added.
“One of the most important duties of the United Nations is to protect civilians at a time of war. However, Syrian cities are besieged by the Assad regime and our people are dying of hunger in such cities on a daily basis. In such circumstances how can we trust the UN while it cannot deliver humanitarian aid to the cities,” Na'na added.

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