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Iraq- Camp Liberty: 5,000 Iraqi dignitaries call for lifting of Liberty siege

Feb 17
Camp Liberty residents ( PMOI / MEK members) protesting against ongoing siege
Camp Liberty residents ( PMOI / MEK members) protesting against ongoing siege

Al-Seyassah daily, Kuwait
Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Nearly five thousand Iraqi dignitaries from all walks of life have called for the complete lifting of the siege imposed on Camp Liberty, located near Baghdad International Airport and home to 3,000 members of the main Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK). These Iraqi personalities have also called for Camp Liberty to be recognized as a refugee camp under the auspices of the United Nations.
The “Iraqi Jurists Union – North Iraq” issued a statement, of which al-Seyassah received a copy of, announcing over 5,000 Iraqi scientific, cultural, social and academic dignitaries have expressed their support for Liberty residents and called for their safety and security.
This declaration adds these personalities issued a joint statement condemning a rocket attack staged by Iranian regime elements against this camp on 29 October 2015 leaving 24 residents killed, hundreds of others injured and a large portion of the camp levelled.
This joint statement emphasized Liberty residents are “protected persons” under the 4th Geneva Convention and refugees under the protection of international laws, and placing these individuals under pressure as a group is a clear case of crime against humanity.
“To prevent such catastrophes and have no new massacres repeated in Camp Liberty it is necessary for the international community to intervene, and the United States, United Nations and Western and Arab societies to take urgent action to guarantee the residents’ security in this camp,” the statement adds.
“The inhumane treatment of PMOI members by the Iraqi government is in contrast to Iraq’s national and Arabic values, and the Iraqi people reject such cruel measures carried out by Iran-linked elements in this country,” the signatories of this statement emphasized.
The cosigners condemned the violation of Liberty residents’ rights by the Iraqi government and called for “change in the camp’s current management team that is associated to the Iranian regime’s embassy with individuals that are not linked to the Iranian regime” and “bringing an end to the cruel siege imposed on Liberty residents”.

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