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Iraq- Camp Liberty: Senior Iraqi Mufti: Baghdad intensifies “Liberty” siege whenever possible

Feb 04
Rafe al-Refaie Senior Mufti of Iraq
Rafe al-Refaie Senior Mufti of Iraq

By Staff Writer Iran Probe
Thursday, 4 February 2016

The subject of Camp Liberty residents is a matter that reflects Tehran’s freedom in carrying out any actions in Iraq and interfering in its internal affairs, Iraqi Sunni Mufit Sheikh Rafe al-Refaie said in an interview with the Aswat Hurra (Free Voices) website on February 3rd.
The rocket attack targeted this camp last October as rockets were fired from launchers in Baghdad’s Hay al-Sho’le district before the very eyes of security and army personnel, and even local residents, he added, saying this is a clear aggression by the Iranian regime in Iraq.
He condemned this rocket barrage and went on to say, “Despite the fact that refugees supported by U.N. laws are living in this camp, and the Iraqi government must guarantee their security and protection, Baghdad continues to refuse to live up to this and these crimes have led to dozens of innocent residents in this camp being killed and injured.”
“Security apparatuses associated to the Iraqi government have imposed a blockade on the residents, blocking the delivery of food, medicine and many other humanitarian and basic necessities. From time to time, whenever possible, this siege is intensified under orders issued by the government,” he emphasized.
This prominent Sunni Mufti made it clear that U.N. efforts to resolve the “Liberty” case by transferring the residents to third countries and settling them there, based on an agreement signed with Iraqi government a few years ago, no longer has any value due to the attacks staged on these residents in Liberty.
“How can the Iraqi government plot such conspiracies against such refugees who are asking for asylum? This is an aggression against the Book of God and the traditions of his Messenger. It is also against all moral principles and international laws,” he added.

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