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Security forces on alert, fearing New Year protests - Farmers clashed with security forces

Mar 12

Iran Probe Staff

Monday, 12 March 2018

Iranian officials have already put security forces on alert as the protests may aflame on last Wednesday fire festival and the New Year holiday. Iranian New Year begins on March 21 on the first day of spring. In January, Iranian youth revolted against the religious dictatorship and set fire on banners holding pictures of Rohollah Khomeini and the Supreme Leader Khamenei. Iran’s Mojahedin – PMOI – has called its supporters to set up demonstrations against the ruling mullahs in the fire festival of the last Wednesday of the year called “Chahrshanbeh Suri” to be celebrated on evening of Tuesday March 13. 

Just few days before the “Chahrshanbeh Suri” fire festival and demonstrations, clashed are reported from cities close to Isfahan in center of Iran between government forces and farmers.

On Friday, March 9, the government suppressive forces attacked the people of “Ezhie”, east of Isfahan which lasted till after dark. The youth fought back and pushed mercenaries back by setting aflame old tires and rolling them toward them. Mullahs’ destructive policies of building dams on streams to draw water to their private plantation has dried river Zayanderood which flows through Isfahan. Consequently, many farms have dried up and farmers have lost their crops. Clashes also started in Varzane, in the suburb of Isfahan, from the early hours of March 10 and lasted for hours. Government forces fired bullets and tear gas at the crowd injuring some of the protestors. Iranian regime’s suppressive forces fired with shotgun at farmers, who protested against shortage of water, injuring some of them. Clashes went on for hours. Reports say people of nearby cities came to the aid of habitants of Varzane.


Hojati Fard, Friday Prayer leader in Ezhie, told Fars news Agency, “on Friday, around 6 pm, me and my family were traveling by car, when suddenly my car was stoned. It was a lot of stones which broke both back and right windows”.

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