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Iran Probe is the English version of the Iran Efshagar website that began its work back in 2004 in Farsi thanks to the efforts placed by “Iranian Independent Experts and Specialists in the UK”. This society is a political supporter of the National Council of Resistance of Iran with the objective of establishing a democratic Iran free of religious fundamentalism. This website quickly gained the support of many groups of experts in other countries, many of whom have cooperated with us in organizing Iran Probe.
In the past few years Iran Efshagar has been able to expose the lies of the Iranian regime and its agents, who are active under the cloak of opposition figures or the regime’s lobbies in Europe and the United States. Their mission is to mislead Western countries, pave the path to gain incentives in favor of the Iranian regime, and focus their measures on discrediting the democratic opposition while preparing the grounds for further crackdown measures against them. To this end, their objective is to disappoint the Iranian people of any hope of uprisings aimed at changing this regime.
With the objective of making its mission more effective, Iran Probe is asking for the help and support of all individuals informed of the conspiracies, deceptions and secret actions in other countries across the globe carried out by the religious fascism ruling Iran.

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