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An End to a Conspiracy - By Somayeh Mohammadi


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Anyone familiar with the inhumane mullahs’ regime and its main opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) knows that from the very beginning of the Iranian people’s resistance three decades ago to this day, there has been an all-out and relentless battle between the two sides in all arenas.
It is a huge war and confrontation with a regime that has been truly described as the most horrendous reactionary force in Iran’s history that hijacked the Iranian people’s reign for more than 35 years, and spared no effort in resorting to all crimes, deceptions and inhumane methods – especially against its main rival, the PMOI – to maintain its rule. This inhumane regime, through its psychological warfare and demonization campaign, uses the most inhumane approaches and methods, such as misusing family affections to impose psychological torture on PMOI members and Ashraf and Liberty residents. These measures have been taken in a wide variety of dirty forms and methods. Of course, other dictators have also resorted to such despicable pretexts, but the mullahs’ regime is an unprecedented example in the scope of taking such inhumane measures. In the meantime, there is a very small number of family members such as Mostafa Mohammadi that have been actually willing to sell their humane dignity and family affections to the mullahs’ Intelligence (MOIS), and take part in this regime’s filthy objectives and agenda’s against the Iranian Resistance, especially its pioneers in Ashraf and Liberty, including imposing continuous psychological torture on their own loved ones.
In contrast to these rare cases, there are thousands of noble families and relatives in various cities across the country that have never succumbed to the relentless threats and bribes of the regime and the mullahs’ intelligence services, refusing to become a puppet of the enemy’s hideous shams against their loved ones in the PMOI.
Taking advantage of family relations is one of the most inhumane gimmicks used by the mullahs’ regime against the PMOI in this regard, and it is primarily seeking to present perpetrators as the innocent and make the entire story very vague. Why? Because the PMOI have again and again proven their legitimacy in their more than three decade long struggle against the mullahs’ regime. PMOI members that have sacrificed everything for their people - including all what is considered as their natural right, and because of such a sacrifice they have gained the strength to go on to the very end and continue in this comprehensive battle with the most horrific and reactionary force in Iran’s history.

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