Remove Iran's Democratic Opposition From US Terror List

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Governor Ed Rendell
Former Chairman of Democratic National Committee “There is no doubt, not one scintilla, not one iota of doubt, that the United States has a moral and legal responsibility to ensure that the residents of Camp Ashraf are protected in every way until each and every one of them is relocated on foreign soil. There’s no doubt about that; it’s our responsibility.”

Governor Howard Dean
Former Chairman of Democratic National Committee “There is no legal basis for MEK to be on the terror list for the United States. Our court, the District of Columbia federal appeals court has said so. And the State Department has done nothing for 18 months to give clarification to that order. I always believed that the United States was a nation of laws. Where is the rule of law in the United States if our own State Department refuses to abide by the court decisions of the United States of America?”

Judge Michael Mukasey
Former U.S. Attorney General
“The physical accommodations at Camp Liberty are not yet adequate to sustain anyone, with such elementary facilities as electricity and running ater are not yet available. And the Iraqis keep reducing the size of the available space that the residents of Ashraf may occupy, and it is now down to less than two kilometers from the 40 originally suggested. And it is become increasingly apparent that the accommodations at Camp Liberty will most closely resemble those of a prison... MEK has been removed from such lists in the EU and in the UK and indeed in every
country in the civilized world. The only countries that actually list MEK as a terrorist organization, as you’ve heard, are the United States and Iran, which tells you something about the validity of the designation.” 


Ambassador Dell Dailey
Former Coordinator for Counterterrorism, US Department of State
“The United States government must de-list the MEK... Manipulating the true
essence of the FTO list like the U.S. is doing in support of real terrorist organizations
while failing to update it and remove the MEK shows a lack of sincerity by the U.S.
government. Such a lack of sincerity is most embarrassing depicted by the U.S. special
advisor at Camp Ashraf who says the connection of the FTO with Camp Ashraf is urban
legend. Well what really is urban legend is the lack of substantive movement on the
Foreign Terrorist Organizations delisting of the MEK when the entire world is waiting
for the U.S. action. It is urban legend that is keeping the MEK on the list.”
General Chuck Wald
Former Deputy Commander of United States European
“There is no reason today why the Camp Ashraf issue and the MEK listing cannot be
solved. It is as simple as that. And there’s only one step we need to take to solve this
problem today, and that is to delist.”
Brig. General David Phillips
Former Commander responsible for the safety and security of
Ashraf residents
“This past fall when Camp Liberty was turned over to the Iraqi government it was
a fully functional, well-maintained installation capable of handling thousands of
people. That is no longer the case. The living trailers, the dining facilities, the kitchens,
the showers, have all been looted. Little remains of the camp Liberty that so many
American soldiers remember. Now it no longer even meets minimal standards for
habitation, let alone close quarters confinement for 3,400 men and women”
Professor Ruth Wedgewood
Chair, International Law and Diplomacy, Johns Hopkins
“It is indeed crucial that before anybody is taken to Camp Liberty there be a guarantee
of adequate conditions. It simply against Geneva Conventions, human rights, to
transfer people to a camp at which they will not be adequately taken care of.”
Philippe Douste-Blazy
Former Foreign Minister of France
“The International community can only ask one question: Why? Why are the residents
of Ashraf told not to bring their vehicles with them? Why are they denied the right to
necessary equipment and infrastructure in the new Camp?... if there are no responses,
then it resembles more to a forced relocation to a camp of prisoners. We should not
allow Iraqi government to abuse UN institutions as their own instruments.”
Commissioner Gunter Verhugen
Former European Commissioner
“I do not believe in the good intention of the government of Iraq... The actions of this
government during the last months showed to everybody that this government does
not want to protect the residents of Camp Ashraf, but what this governments wants is
to put them in jail and to have them under control. That is what they want.”
Governor Tom Ridge
First U.S. Homeland Secretary
“Hopefully the historians will record that our persistent cry to delist, delist, delist was
finally heard by the United States government. The EU, the UK, even the courts in the
United States said that there is no reason, there is no legal justification.”
Ambassador John Bolton
Former US Ambassador to the United Nations
“I don’t think that organizations should be put on that list for political purposes, as the
MEK was in 1997. I don’t think organizations should be kept on that list, as the MEK
was in 2008, for political purposes. I think the facts should be allowed to fall where
they may. If the State Department has facts that justify the listing, let’s hear them. If
it doesn’t have any facts, delist the MEK and remove this pretense that Iran and the Al-
Maliki government use to try to pressure the residents of Camp Ashraf.”
Judge Louis Freeh
Former Director of FBI
“When Ambassador Kobler signed that MOU on December 25th, did he not know
that there was no infrastructure in Camp Liberty? There was no plumbing; there was
no electric; there was no basis to move anybody in there even if you were creating a
We have to delist the MEK. This is the most preposterous circumstance that I have
seen in 25 years of investigative, legal and government service. There is no factual
basis for maintaining this group on the Foreign Terrorist Organizations list. All of
my colleagues here, generals, former CIA directors, Homeland Security secretaries,
attorney generals, not one of us has received a call or a cue from any of our former
colleagues that this organization is one that should be cautioned about because it is a
terrorist organization. Nothing, zero.”
Ambassador Mitchell Reiss
Former Director of Policy Planning of US Department of State
“Senior politicians, military officers, national security experts, ambassadors and
governors, as well as members of the Senate and the House of Representatives are all
united... in calling for the State Department to immediately delist the MEK.”
Congressman Patrick Kennedy
Former member of U.S. Congress
“Let’s understand what this terrorist listing means. For all of you in the audience, you
know what it means. It is an execution order for your family members. But it is also a
mortal threat to the national security of the United States of America... So I say to the
State Department, I say to my former colleagues in Congress, understand this: if you
care about the security of the United States, which you are sworn to uphold, then take
this sham of a list and tear it up.”
General James Conway
Former Commandant of the Marine Corps
“As you have heard it from virtually every speaker (in this conference), we have to
delist MEK. The United States of America has to start with that. That is the catalyst
for everything else that will take place, to include eventual relocation (of Ashraf
Colonel Wesley Martin
Former Senior Anti-terrorism Force Protection Officer for all
Coalition Forces in Iraq
“Many months have elapsed since the U.S. Court of Appeals told the State Department
it was wrong and told them to fix it... The United States spent equal amount of time
entering and completing World War I than has taken State Department to resolve
one question and acknowledge that it was wrong and that MEK is not a terrorist
Professor Alan Dershowitz
Distinguished defender of individual rights
“We must get these innocent civilians (residents of Ashraf) out of Iraq. It is absolutely
essential. We must get them resettled in peaceful counties where they are safe around
the world and we must get this organization delisted immediately, as a matter of law,
as a matter of fact, and as a matter of morality.”
Senator Lucio Malan
Member of the Italian Senate
“I want to ask the American authorities to listen to the great Americans who are
here today keeping the promise to stand for freedom and justice for all and enact
appropriate sanctions to delist the MEK.”
Rita Sussmuth
President of the German Bundestag
“The MEK should be delisted because this is a barrier and a handicap not only in the
U.S. but also in the countries that have already delisted it. This listing is unjust. The
highest court of the European Union has said that this listing has to vanish as soon as
possible because it is unjust.”

International Conference
January 6, 2012

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