NIAC & Iran Lobbies

NIAC & Iran Lobbies

Today, the world is faced with its biggest present challenge, which incorporates the prospects of a catastrophic war, due to the mullahs’ insistence on pressing ahead with their nuclear weapons program, their deadly and uninterrupted interference in the affairs of Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon, as well as their relentless efforts to export terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism abroad.

At the same time Tehran’s incapability to solve basic issues at home with shooting prices and rising inflation, unemployment and poverty, Tehran has been facing a chain of unprecedented demonstrations during the past year, with leaping statistics after the Iranian New Year. Official reports in various newspapers, each reveal part of the reality of the weakened regime in Tehran. Despite extreme suppression and control, at least 4500 demonstrations and protests took place in various cities in Iran.

Amidst all this, there is a worst situation for the regime: rising popularity of its opponent and enemy number one; the NCRI, with its pivotal force PMOI.  The opposition’s hyperactive revelations inside and outside Iran, concerning suppression, export of terrorism and nuclear deception of the regime has been deterrent for Tehran. 

This research and case study, would point to an irrefutable development: Tehran has become more unstable and illegitimate inside and outside Iran. The Iranian opposition is begging to play a more definite role in the future developments in Iran.

In order to vilify the PMOI and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI a broad coalition of democratic Iranian opposition groups and personalities, of which the PMOI is a member organization), the mullahs make use of their agents and associates to set up numerous front organizations and networks in European countries and the United States. Some of the tactics used by the MOIS over this movement is studied in this research. 

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