Mir Bagher Sedaghi

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Mir Bagher Sedaghi, Iran VEVAK/MOIS agent
Mir Bagher Sedaghi, Iran VEVAK/MOIS agent

Sedaghi lies in claiming he and other residents in Ashraf in Iraq were mistreated by the PMOI/MEK leadership and forced to reside in the camp. His baseless allegations were then used by the VEVAK/MOIS and published for the first time by the Iran Interlink website. Iran Interlink, directly associated to the VEVAK/MOIS, is directed by a couple named Massoud Khodabandeh and Anne Singleton from Leeds, United Kingdom.

Iranians abroad and Western intelligence agencies have come to know these individuals as experienced VEVAK/MOIS agents active in demonizing the PMOI/MEK. Independent reports such as the reports by the Pentagon and the British Parliamentary Group for Iran Freedom have confirmed these facts.

Sedaghi used to be in Ashraf. Following the 2003 U.S.-led coalition attack on Iraq and Camp Ashraf being placed under the control and protection of U.S. forces, along with the other residents he was screened and interviewed privately by 9 different American government entities. However, despite his current claims, he mentioned no intention of leaving the PMOI/MEK. If he had he would have been immediately transferred to TIPF (exit facility under U.S. forces control) by the VEVAK/MOIS. Despite all this, with conditions becoming harder in Iraq after the occupation, Sedaghi was expelled from the PMOI on 7 July 2004 and transferred to TIPF.

Sedaghi came in contact with VEVAK/MOIS agents in Europe after TIPF was closed down in 2008, and after leaving Iraq he himself became a full-time VEVAK/MOIS agent stationed in Switzerland.

Two known VEVAK/MOIS agents in Switzerland by the names of Batoul Ibrahimi and Mehdi Nikbakht were in direct contact with Sedaghi. On 24 August 2013 the Iran Interlink website – known for its affiliation to the Iranian regime’s VEVAK/MOIS – posted text citing Sedaghi against the PMOI/MEK. This included the fact that after a few years he had left Ashraf he suddenly recalled that he had been under pressure in Ashraf (most probably to receive money from the VEVAK/MOIS). “No one ever realized what we went through all these years in Ashraf and other PMOI bases.” (Iran Interlink, 24 August 2013)

Immediately after this agent was brought into the light and his lies made public, the VEVAK/MOIS used another known agent by the name of Batoul Soltani to congratulate and encourage his activities. “It is very fortunate and I congratulate you for speaking out as a witness.” (Iran Interlink, 15 August 2013)

moisagent mir bagher01

Mir Bagher Sedaghi (right) in a VEVAK/MOIS organized street show against PMOI/MEK with two other VEVAK/MOIS agents, Batoul Ibrahimi and Mehdi Nikbakht in Switzerland


Following the 1 September 2013 attack when agents of former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki attacked Camp Ashraf and massacred 52 of the residents and abducted 7 others, various Iranian regime officials and organs began praising Maliki for his actions. The VEVAK/MOIS rallied a number of its agents to write a letter of gratitude to Maliki for his killing of Ashraf residents. Mir-Bagher Sadeghi was amongst the signatories of this letter. These individuals in their letter – first posted in VEVAK/MOIS-affiliated websites – wrote to Maliki, “His Excellency Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, we are utterly grateful and express our deepest gratitude” for your actions against the PMOI/MEK.

The Iraqi “Assabah al-Jadeed” daily (17 March 2014) published this letter, heeding to the demands of the Iranian embassy in Baghdad. In this letter the agents wrote the following to legitimize the Ashraf massacre:

“… we the separated members of the [PMOI/MEK], some of us having relatives in Camp Liberty… would like the necessary efforts to be made in cooperation and coordination with UNAMI, relevant U.N. entities, European and U.S. embassies to separate this organizations’ files from the senior ranks in the camp, especially the notorious organization leadership; the leadership and organization to be announced as dissolved, and preventing any effort to recognize or negotiate with this organization under the deceitful pretext of representatives of Liberty residents… we the defected members of the PMOI/MEK are ready to provide all our experiences in this regard to the Iraqi government, U.N. and UNHCR…”

The signatories of this letter are amongst the most notorious VEVAK/MOIS agents in Europe, including Massoud Khodabandeh and his British wife Anne Singleton. These individuals, along with most of the signatories of this letter, were very active in the 2-year long psychological torture campaign against Ashraf residents that blared unbearable noises into Ashraf 24/7 through 320 power loudspeakers installed all around the camp.

moisagent mir bagher02
Mir Bagher Sedaghi (Right) in a VEVAK/MOIS organized street show against PMOI covered by the regime's TV, Jame Jam, 14 June 2015


moisagent mir bagher03

Mir Bagher Sedaghi (left) in front of Iraqi embassy in Switzerland



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