Davoud Baghervand Arshad

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Davoud Baghervand Arshad, VEVAK /  MOIS agent
Davoud Baghervand Arshad, VEVAK / MOIS agent

Davoud Baghervand Arshad is one of the individuals who left Camp Ashraf to the US forces’ TIPF facility back in 2004. After going to Iran from TIPF he was used by the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) inside the country to spread fabricated lies against the PMOI / MEK and Iranian Resistance.
As the VEVAK / MOIS expanded its activities outside of Iran against the PMOI / MEK, Davoud Baghervand was transferred to Europe in June 2013 along with two other hired VEVAK / MOIS agents, Ghorban Ali Hossein-nezhad and Issa Azadeh.
Following his transfer to Europe, in his first public appearance Baghervand was transferred by the VEVAK / MOIS and Iranian regime lobbies to the European Parliament along with other VEVAK / MOIS agents to spread lies about the PMOI / MEK. He also launched a website against the PMOI / MEK, all in contact with the VEVAK / MOIS.
Of course th e Iranian Resistance was aware of the fact that the Iranian regime intended.



to transfer Baghervand to Europe to expand its activities against the PMOI / MEK. It is worth noting that Baghervand was expelled many times during his years with the PMOI / MEK and was allowed each time to return to the organization based on his own request. All documents with his signatures are available in this regard. The following is one such example:

Order of Expulsion
Through this document the expulsion order of Davoud Baghervand, son of Biuk Agha, from the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, has been announced due to not tolerating border region conditions.

I accept and confirm
Signature: Davoud Baghervand Arshad
4 November 2002

Organization Deputy
4 November 2002image028



… to be saved from this treason and prevent such a fate, I am asking for my departure request to be annulled … and if God forbid, for any reason I had second thoughts, my place is nowhere but inside Iran.

Davoud Baghervand Arshad
4 November 2002



To white wash the reason why he was active in the VEVAK / MOIS demonizing campaign against the PMOI / MEK inside Iran, he wrote the following in his website (and also posted by other VEVAK / MOIS-linked websites such as Iran-Interlink) explaining his encounter with VEVAK / MOIS agents when he left TIPF and went to Iran:
“They asked us to write who we are and introduce ourselves, and what we know about the PMOI / MEK during the past two years. They have in depth information about the organization. They gave us the questions of the interrogations and we had to write it all down… they threatened that we have a lot of information and if we write lies it will cost us. I wrote down all the general information that anyone in the organization had information that was mentioned in all general meetings. Also, there were those under my command and I couldn’t write anything else, or not write down enough for them… for a few days, from dawn till dusk we were writing… later on I realized they had posted our writings without our prior notice in their websites as our analysis of the PMOI / MEK…”
Baghervand continues in this regard:
“Once they phoned my sister and said I had to go and introduce myself. When I did so I saw an Italian TV reporter seeking to interview those who separated from the [PMOI / MEK]. During the time I had I told her this is a mandatory interview, but since the regime’s representative was there I was forced to answer the questions based on the issues that I had written and gave to them a few days ago.”
Baghervand goes on to whitewash his transfer to Europe by the VEVAK / MOIS by depicting the entire issue as security matters, as if he was threatened by the regime back in Iran. Therefore, he was forced to depart the country. He writes:
“Right when the Rajavi sect was delisted from the terrorist list in late 2012 I was arrested again after returning from a business trip, and they also confiscated my passport … They asked why was I abroad at the same time they were delisted. I said this is a business invitation. These sessions are held each year and have nothing to do with this particular year. I was informed that I had only a few months to leave the country, and I was forced to leave Iran in June 2013.”
Down the road with this ridiculous scenario, the VEVAK / MOIS agent doesn’t explain that if he was truly ordered to depart Iran (and his life would have been in danger if he didn’t leave!!!), why then after arriving in Europe is he working for a website that is launched in his name against the PMOI / MEK, and on a 24/7 basis he is busy with various activities and spying on the PMOI / MEK and Iranian opposition figures?


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