Mustafa Mohammady

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The issue of Mustafa Mohammady, his affiliation to the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and his measures against the PMOI on behalf of VEVAK/MOIS was so extensive that his daughter, Somaye, wrote about the subject and unveiled the role of this Iranian regime agent in imposing psychological torture on the residents of Camp Ashraf and his cooperation with Tehran’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS).

Following the 2003 war in Iraq, Mustafa Mohammady became determined to separate his daughter from the PMOI. To this end he travelled to Ashraf many times. First he claimed of only intending to see his daughter and therefore he was the PMOI’s guest in Ashraf. However, little by little his true nature and intentions became crystal clear.

hile he was the one who encouraged his daughter, Somayeh to join the PMOI in the first place, due to his extensive cooperation with Iran’s VEVAK/MOIS he began claiming the PMOI was holding his daughter against her will in Ashraf. Somayeh wrote countless letters to UN, American and Canadian officials, and conducted numerous private interviews with US military officers stationed in Camp Ashraf denying these lies and unveiling Mustafa Mohammady’s role for the VEVAK/MOIS. 




Mustafa Mohammady at the perimeter fences of Ashraf Camp, engaged in filming and shouting abuse at the residents


Mostafa M 01



Ms. Somayeh Mohammadi wrote a book fall 2014 on the psychological warfare under the guise of ‘family relations’ named “An end to a conspiracy - the beautiful nature of resistance and freedom”. The book contains 230 pages unveiling the details of the VEVAK/MOIS’s plot. The 11-years long psychological torture was conducted through Mustafa Mohammady against her and other Ashraf residents. The book has also been translated in English available at:   

Testimony of LTC. McCloskey – JIATF Commander at Ashraf up to 2008, Paris - 24 March 2012

“….Everybody I spoke to in Ashraf said they were there because they wanted to be there. I have had family members come to the gates and say my child is being held against her will. Mustafa! And he stayed at the gate day after day. And every time I would go in and I would talk to her (Somayeh), you’re sure you want to stay here? And she would say: Yes!”

Mustafa Mohammady was also very active in the 677-day long psychological torture campaign against Ashraf residents. He would station outside of Ashraf’s gate and start screaming and using vulgar language against the residents. Some of his remarks that have been recorded are as follows:

Mustafa Mohammady was also very active in the 677-day long psychological torture campaign against Ashraf residents. He would station outside of Ashraf’s gate and start screaming and using vulgar language against the residents. Some of his remarks that have been recorded are as follows: 

I told you not to do anything to force me to raze Ashraf.

I told you not to do anything to force me to break Ashraf down, and I did.

…Rest assured, we the families will be the ones placing the noose around your necks.

… I am here. I told you, I won’t rest until I bring this fortress down. 

Now you want me to say how much I was paid?

I was paid enough to bring down this fortress.

They gave me enough money to bring down this fortress.

Through such measures, he paved the path for Ashraf residents’ massacre. He even wrote a joint letter along with other VEVAK/MOIS agents to Iraqi officials, including then Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, expressing his gratitude for the April 8, 2011 massacre of Ashraf residents.

However, Mustafa Mohammady’s hysteric measures against the PMOI didn’t end here. He was later on transferred to Europe by the VEVAK/MOIS where he expanded the Iranian regime’s anti-PMOI demonizing campaign.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran issued a statement in this regard saying at 4 pm on Monday, July 13th, 2015 intelligence agents in the Iranian regime’s embassy in Paris dispatched their agents Mustafa Mohammady, his daughter and Ghorban Ali Hussein Nejad to Auver-sur-Oise near Paris. They were using a red Renault vehicle (license plate DG 760 TD-13). However, they fled the scene after seeing gendarmerie, security units and police stationed in the area. Mustafa Mohammady, driving the vehicle, rushed out of the scene with his daughter, and they were so hurried that they left Ghorban Ali Hussein Nejad at the scene. Before seeing the police and gendarmerie, Mohammadi intended to run over a PMOI member. However, the plot failed.

The statement also says on 12 June 2015, meaning the night before the Iranian Resistance’s annual grand gathering in Paris, Mustafa Mohammady along with his daughter and an African individual by the name of Fabris du Land – who claimed to be a French citizen and the lawyer of Mohammady – went to Auver-sur-Oise and the National Council of Resistance of Iran headquarters. However, gendarmerie units arrested and evicted them from the area. In the following investigations it became clear that the African man was actually the lawyer of a collaborate of the terrorist Amedi Coulibali who attacked a grocery store in Paris on 9 January 2015, taking people hostage and murdering a number of them.

The VEVAK/MOIS has dispatched Mustafa Mohammady to Iraq and other countries on missions against the PMOI. Yves Bonnet, former head of the French Counter-terrorism Organization (DST), wrote an article in the Huffington Post on this subject on July 6th, 2015:

“Here is where we understand why the efforts we are witnessing in fact are very much related to us, the French, because the National Council of Resistance of Iran is based on our soil. These efforts, aimed at discrediting the (resistance), have increased. As the government of Manuel Valls is taking firm action and is more concerned about the protection of Iranian dissidents, the Iranian regime’s intelligence service has changed its strategy and is attempting to recruit elected representatives or those close to the government, and portray an image for them that France is nurturing a poisonous snake on its own turf. This service, MOIS, has recently become very close to a presidential aid through one of its agents who introduced himself as a victim of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, whereas the daughter of this agent is active in this organization and is currently in a camp ironically named “Liberty” in Iraq – controlled by Tehran – has held 2,500 defenseless political prisoners in shameful conditions. However, the Elyse official said he had been used after learning of the true nature of this individual. This agent is an individual by the name of Mustafa Mohammady whose claims about his daughter has been rejected by a Canadian court, and US military commanders in Iraq have unmasked him. He has participated for two years in placing pressures on these refugees through 320 loudspeakers on a 24/7 basis. Slogans and threats were blared through these loudspeakers, and now he actually dares to introduce himself as the victim of all victims… This Elyse official has now learned how he was used by this agent. However, more important is that this shows the MOIS’ methods that it is even willing to take advantage of personalities and symbols of the French Republic in order to use them for objectives that are against our policies, and aimed at neutralizing the only entity that can unveil evidence of Tehran’s duplicity.”

After being recruited by VEVAK/MOIS, Mustafa Mohammady who holds a Canadian passport was called to Tehran to provide him entry visa to Iraq for accomplishing his assignment. Photos of the relevant pages from Mustafa Mohammady’s passport are attached below.

Mostafa M Doc 01

Mostafa M Doc 02


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