Iranian MOIS agents under guise of refugees in Europe / The ridiculous scenarios of fleeing Iran

Jan 20, 2020
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Iranian MOIS agents under guise of refugees in Europe/ The ridiculous scenarios of fleeing Iran


Tehran’s government after all of its repressive measures, including execution, torture & murder attacks against its opposition MeK during past 40 years and its defeat to eliminate it has resorted to massive demonization campaign against them.  

One of the most important apparatuses for demonization project against MeK is deployment of so called MeK former members.

In this regard, the recent example is Alireza Naghashzade who introduces himself as a MeK former member. He travelled by an Austrian passport under the name of Erwin Aram. On 23 October 2019 Albanian police announced that it succeed to detect and thwart a terror attack against MeK in Albanian with the involvement of  Alireza Naghashzade.

Alireza Naghashzade in Albania

Alireza Naghashzade in Albania


Some of these agents such as Alireza Naghashzade used to be in Camp Ashraf Iraq, and were expelled from MeK for various reasons, notably security reasons.

After returning to Iran, they had been employed and trained by regime’s intelligence service and dispatched to the European countries for demonization project against MeK.

Now, the question is how they should succeed to leave the country and reside in Europe?

Surely, for being able to stay on the European soil, they have to fabricate stories for the European border authorities that they have fled the country and to pretend that they are threatened by the Iranian regime if they go back Iran.

Ridiculous and fabricated scenarios  spelled by the MOIS agents, under the guise of former MeK members


  • Mohamad Hossein Sobhani (an Iranian notorious agent)- 20 July 2002, Iran Emroz web site: “They [returning to Iran from Iraq] transferred us to Hotel Marmar and regime’s interrogator started their job. Torture and execution were in front of my me…but I succeed to escape from that secret prison at the time of transfer to another prison, which resulted to shoot out.  Finally, on March 2001 I managed to exit from Iran after one month in hiding.”
  • Amir Movasaghi, MOIS agent- Radio Asre Jadid (new era) 29 July 2004: “when we were handed over to the Iranian authorities …I felt that they would execute us at the khosravi border city … but fortunately the Iranian forces separated MeK former members and transferred us to another location. Then they transferred us to solitary cells and after few days I succeed to go to my so called home for family visit. In this situation I succeed to escape and I migrated to European countries”!!
  • Behzad Alishahi , MOIS agent- Radio voice of America, 15 November 2005: “I returned to Iran and because I was threatened by I.R.G.C  and Hezballah members and  charged with betraying  the country,  first I fled to Turkey and then to France.
  • Ali Ghashahvei, MOIS agent- Human Rights Watch report: “ He was repatriated to Iran on January 21, 2002. In Iran, he was interrogated and brought before a court that sentenced him to nine years in After sixteen months of imprisonment, he was given a forty-eight hour release to visit his family. He used this opportunity to escape and leave Iran. In August 2003, he fled Iran and is currently living in Europe.

However, the most artistic and fake scenario  belongs to Davood Baghervand. He was called to Iran for essential intelligence training courses in March 2004. Finally, after an eight year collaboration period, MOIS decided to deploy him abroad to join the MOIS  agents’ network in EU countries. Therefore, he need a new scenario for whitewashing his services to the MOIS in Iran.

Davood Baghervand an agent of The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence MOIS

Davood Baghervand an agent of The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS)


He narrated his fabricated scenario as below:

  • Davood Baghervand- Interlink website- 13 September 2015: “Simultaneous with the MeK delisting on the end of 2012, I was arrested again when I returned to Iran from a business trip and they seized my passport, too. They passed me between several government departments and announced I can not to leave the country.  Finally when I went to Iran’s presidency office they interrogated me precisely and asked me to describe all of my activities abroad and the reasons for my trips inside Iran. The Iranian authorities informed to leave the country during next several months so I had to leave Iran on July 2013.”  

In order to justify their presence in E.U. countries morally and legally, all of them claim falsely that Iranian authorities threatened their lives so they had to leave the country. However, they are never able to explain if their lives were under threat by the regime in Iran, why as soon as they get to Europe and ask for refugee or citizenship statues, they become vocal against MeK and fabricate lies against the main opposition of the Iranian regime.


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