Increase in deaths in prisons in Iran, on the eve of the EU meeting with Zarif

Jan 11, 2018
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By Iran Probe Staff

Wednesday, 10 January 2018   

While a meeting between Iranian Foreign Minister and a delegation representing the European Union is scheduled for tomorrow, news from Iran is indicating an increase in the number of missing persons and also an increase in the number deaths of detained protesters. The meeting that is scheduled to discuss the nuclear deal JCPOA. The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is invited to take part in the meeting.

Federica Mogherini the high Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security, and foreign minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel, British foreign minister Boris Johnson and France's foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian represent delegation of the European Union.

Sigmar Gabriel said on ZDF TV in Berlin on Sunday, January 7,   the European Union would invite Iran's foreign minister for talks about the widespread antigovernment protests that have rocked the country since December 28.

Meanwhile, news from Iran indicates that concern about the violation of the rights of detainees and the repetition of the events of the Kahrizak detention center in 2009 has increased.

Nearly 8,000 people have been arrested in Iran during recent unrest, and nearly 40 people have been killed, according to reports from inside Iran.

According to reports from inside Iran, up to now, three of the detainees have been killed in detention centers, and at least two are missing. we already had the news of the killing of Sina Ganbari who lost his life in Evin prison.

Vahid Heidari is another protester arrested in Arak city, who died due to the severity of the batons struck at the Arak detention center. The Iranian regime claimed that he was an addict and committed suicide with his clothes. However, his family, friends and acquaintances denied that he was an addict and said that his death was due to effects of a blow by baton on his head which led to a deep crack on his head.

Mohammad Najafi, a lawyer in Arak, said in an interview with a human rights group that Mr. Heidari's family are severely under pressure   by security forces and have been forced to bury him at a place designated by the security officials.

Another one whose fate during the arrests is uncertain is Ashkan Abrvorshan, 20. His family said that he called them by his mobile phone on January 4 and informed them that he had been arrested. His mother says when she went to Evin Prison, she was told that her child was missing.

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