French FM in Tehran: Iranian government needs such visits

Feb 05
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By Iran Probe Staff
Sunday, 5 February 2017

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault visited Iran last week and made several comments during his visits that in a usual time would have raised Iranian regime’s harsh reaction. It is clear that the Iranian regime engulfed by internal crisis is in dire need of such visits.
Iranian regime has remained silent in reaction to concerns raised by Ayrault over Tehran’s ballistic missile test and human rights violations. The mullahs have also not shown any reactions to France participating in joint military drills in the Persian Gulf.
The French Embassy in Tehran hosted a dinner to welcome Ayrault and the businessmen accompanying him.
Iran’s state-run Mehr news agency reported on January 31st:
A young French businessmen said to the Foreign Minister, “Honorable Minister, why has this visit been scheduled on the very exact day that France, along with the U.K. and U.S., participates in military drills in the Persian Gulf near Iranian waters, which naturally sends specific messages?”
“I have no concerns about the success of this visit,” the French Foreign Minister adds. Iranian officials did not protest this matter in any of the initial and planning meetings of this visit, neither in Tehran nor in Paris.
“The Iranian government needs such visits and I am certain there will not be any protests in tomorrow’s meetings,” the French Foreign Minister answered with confidence.
It is worth noting the three party military drills, in which destroyers of the U.K. Royal Navy, U.S.S. Hooper and U.S.S. Mahan, and French air defense frigates are participating in, began this morning and will continue until Thursday.
It is forecasted that the naval forces of these three countries will stimulate engaging Iran’s warplanes, destroyers and beach missile launchers, according to the Sputnik news agency.
Based on the details published about of the meetings held between the French Foreign Minister and [Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad] Zarif, [Iranian President Hassan] Rouhani and [Iranian Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali] Shamkhani, none of our country’s officials protested such a timing that is unprecedented in diplomatic customs…
According to Iran’s officials IRNA news agency on January 31st, the French Foreign Minister made remarks about the Iranian regime’s ballistic missile test in his joint press conference with Zarif.
“France has to this day expressed its concerns on numerous occasions about the continuation of missile launches, and made clear such  measure violate the spirit of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231 and are against the trust established in the Vienna agreement framework,” he said.
“Of course, human rights is also an important issue and we referred to that matter, too,” Ayrault added.
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