Iran is more dangerous than North Korea, Facebook turns hate into cash & other comments

Sep 20
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Newyork Post, By Editorial Board

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Conservative: States Can’t Tax Themselves to Prosperity

Gov. Dannel Malloy’s proposed $1.8 billion tax increase “has incited a political revolution” in deep-blue Connecticut — one of just six states where Democrats control both the statehouse and the full legislature, reports Reason’s Eric Boehm. Eight Democrats already have bailed on Malloy’s plan “to impose an array of new taxes.” And this is on top of record tax increases passed in 2011 and 2015. Frankly, says Boehm, if “a state could tax its way to prosperity, Connecticut should be on a non-stop winning streak.” But several major corporations “have left the state in search of a lower tax burden.” The Nutmeg State “is looking increasingly like the Illinois of New England” — except that Connecticut extracts even more from its residents.

Activist: Why Iran Is a Greater Threat Than North Korea

North Korea is a “reminder of the consequences of not making the right decision at the right time,” says Shahriar Kia at the Washington Examiner. And the Iranian opposition member contends “a similar scene is developing” in Tehran. But where Pyongyang’s “regional and global forays are sporadic,” the Iranian regime’s survival “is fully dependent on exporting terrorism and extremism.” So its “main goal for a nuclear deterrent would be as a token of guarantee to be able to continue wreaking havoc across the region with wild abandon.” And that “makes Iran’s nuclear program different from that of North Korea.” It’s also why the Obama nuclear deal’s sole focus on WMDs loses sight “of Tehran’s real weapon of mass destruction — its violent, extremist ideology.”

Tech writers: How Facebook Monetized Misinformation

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has gotten rich “by accommodating America’s growing poverty of civility,” assert Alexander Heffner and Liam Dalton at The Daily Beast. In other words, “he has monetized misinformation and fraud.” But unlike, say, a company that has to clean up after a devastating oil spill, “Zuckerberg fails to realize his company has facilitated a societal crisis.” Indeed, revelations that Facebook “sold ads to Russian troll farms seeking to influence voters, and allowed others to target ‘Jew haters,’ clarify its betrayal of human values.” And “so far, Zuckerberg’s only allegiance has been to Facebook’s bottom line” — Facebook, “far from being an ‘arbiter of truth,’ is happy to disregard principles as long as its quarterly report shows strong ad growth.”

Education writer: De Blasio’s Revisionist School History

Mayor de Blasio, in announcing modest test-score gains, has charged that under previous administrations, “we were all sold a bill of goods” on school policy. That, contends Charles Sahm at City & State, is “terribly unfair to Mayor Michael Bloomberg,” before whom “no mayor in generations had much authority over the city schools, which were characterized by dysfunction and inequity.” Yet he won full control and expanded choice” at the elementary and middle school level via support for charter schools, which were given space in city school buildings.” Most important, “student achievement improved” — “before Bloomberg, the high school graduation rate was under 50 percent for decades; when he left office, it was 66 percent.” De Blasio should focus more on such outcomes — and “an apology to Mike Bloomberg wouldn’t hurt, either.”

Media critic: When Journalists Act Like Snowflakes

Time was, says Mark Judge at Acculturated, when journalism was “a profession where danger was fairly common, from life-threatening nature to physical assault from enemies.” Now, though, it’s “increasingly becoming a safe space where Ivy League graduates can implode from microagressions, kvetch constantly about minor scrapes and have public meltdowns on Twitter.” Take NBC’s Katy Tur, who, recently hawking a new memoir on the Today show, revealed “the trauma she endured when candidate Donald Trump called her ‘little Katy Tur’ and said she was dishonest.” As Tur put it: “It was jarring, it was scary and it was one of those feelings that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shake.” Says Judge: “Not exactly Ernest Hemingway getting hit with a mortar in World War I.”


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