1 Syrian killed every 25 minutes, 1 injured every 13 minutes

Apr 30
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The Assad regime airstrikes hit Aleppo on Friday
The Assad regime airstrikes hit Aleppo on Friday

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Assad regime continued its lethal airstrikes on Friday on opposition-held areas of Aleppo.

The White House has described airstrikes conducted by Assad warplanes against Aleppo and targeting a hospital as atrocious and immoral. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry condemned Assad’s attacks against the al-Quds Hospital in Aleppo.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also condemned the al-Quds Hospital attack in Aleppo and called for credible and genuine investigations on such strikes.

Kerry expressed 'outrage' over the hit on the hospital, saying it appeared to be 'a deliberate strike on a known medical facility.'

He called on Moscow to press its Damascus ally 'to stop attacking civilians, medical facilities, and first responders, and to abide fully by the cessation of hostilities.'

Al-Quds was supported by both Doctors Without Borders and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The ICRC has warned that Aleppo is 'on the brink of humanitarian disaster'.

'Everyone here fears for their lives and nobody knows what is coming next,' said Valter Gros, who heads the ICRC’s Aleppo office.

Coinciding with vicious Assad airstrikes targeting residential areas and hospitals, members of the Syria Civilian Defense Organization, known as the ‘White Helmets’, with help provided by volunteers in various areas, began the rescue effort and removing the injured from beneath the rubble. To this day they have saved the lives of more than 40,000, organization officials say.

After 30 massacres and around 2,500 cases of ceasefire violations by its forces, the Assad regime has effectively buried the ceasefire, said Anas Al Abde, president of the Turkey-based opposition Syrian National Coalition. However, the international community has mainly chosen to remain silent in the face of these murders and violations.

The Assad regime is determined to disrupt any political solution and is continuing the military approach under support provided by Russia and Iran, he added.

U.N. envoy to Syria Stefan de Mistura says he cannot believe an attack against a hospital, leaving such a devastating amount of destruction, could have been a mistake. In fact, this is a flagrant ceasefire violation, a belligerent measure and a war crime.

I am very sad, yet not surprised, de Mistura added, emphasizing this is yet another reason proving the importance and necessity of stopping these aggressive attacks. At least three physicians lost their lives in Thursday’s bombings, one being the last pediatrician in this region, Al Arabiya TV reported. In further remarks de Mistura said in the past few days in Syria 1 individual has died every 25 minutes and 1 has been injured every 13 minutes.

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