Atena Daemi’s physical conditions deteriorate due to hunger strike

Apr 25
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By Iran Probe staff
Tursday, 25 April 2017
The physical conditions of political prisoner Atena Daemi has deteriorated as she launched a hunger strike protesting judicial measures against her two sisters. Daemi is currently facing numerous illnesses.
This text was provided by Atena’s mother, Mrs. Masoume Nemati, to the Hrana news agency after visiting her daughter on Sunday.
Atena has said she intends to continue her protest in the face of prison authorities and will launch a dry hunger strike if she receives no response, Mrs. Nemati added.
The Tehran criminal court has raised fabricated charges against Atena’s two sisters by the names of Ensie and Haniye under the fabricated charges of insulting security agents during her arrest. They have been sentenced to three months behind bars. Daemi has been on hunger strike since April 8th, protesting this ruling and its revoking.
Masked agents, while refusing to provide any identifications, attacked her two sisters after Ms. Daemi resisted her arrest. The two sisters filed a complaint against such measures and in response the Iranian regime summoned them to court and sentenced them to time behind bars.
Amnesty International has described as unjustified the judicial process that has led to court rulings being issued against Atena Daemi and her sisters, emphasizing if arrested Ensiye and Haniye are considered prisoners of conscience who were prosecuted for the mere reason of having family relations with Atena Daemi. In a letter written on April 8 from inside Evin Prison Atena Daemi says, “I will defend my sisters’ rights with all my might and will not allow security apparatuses violate their own laws and take advantage of our families as tools of psychological torture and creating a climate of fear in society.”
The regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has continuously used the inhumane method of placing pressure on the families of political prisoners and exiled dissidents in an attempt to force them to succumb to their demands.
Ms. Atena Daemi herself has been sentenced to seven years behind bars on charges of “assembly and collusion, and propaganda against the state”, “insulting the sanctities and the leader” and “covering up criminal evidence.”
However, Amnesty has announced the only reason behind Daemi’s sentencing is her Facebook posts criticizing executions in Iran, writing drawings on walls criticizing executions, showing her respects at the graves of those killed during the 2009 protests and providing information about political prisoners.
Amnesty issued an urgent Action on April 20th and called for the immediate and unconditional release of Atena Daemi, a prisoner of conscience who has been arrested merely for practicing her freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and association through her human rights activities in prison.
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