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Former head of FBI appreciates the promise of Albanian stowards MEK

Mar 30
 By Iran Probe staff
Thursday, 30 March 2017

"I thank the leaders of Albanian government for allowing MEK to settle in Albania"

“I and a very large group of prominent Americans and our State Department including our former Secretary John Kerry have thanked the Albanian government and the Albanian people for providing safety and support for this very good group of people.”
Former director FBI, Louis J. Freeh, has recently visited Albania, where he met several Albanian officials to thank them for the support our country has offered for the Mujahedeen.
Mr. Freeh is one of the Americans who have held high positions in previous US administrations and support the largest Iranian opposition group based in Albania, one of the rare countries that provided support for this group when they were facing threats in both camps, "Liberty" and "Ashraf" in Iraq. His visit follows that of the former US ambassador to the UN, Mr. John Bolton, who had come to Albania for the same purpose, support for the MEK and expressing gratitude to the Government and people of the Albania. In an interview with newspaper "Panorama", Mr. Freeh thanked people and the government of Albania for exceptional help and humanity shown to the MEK. He also referred to previous contacts he had with Albanian officials. Louis J. Freeh, the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is born in Jersey City, New Jersey. He graduated in criminal law in "New York Law School" University, in 1984. In his career as a civil servant, Freeh was awarded on several occasions for his special achievements. In 1987 and 1991, he received the Award of the Attorney General's Distinguished Service, the second highest honor by the US Department of Justice. He has headed the FBI from 1993 to June 2001.
Q: Why are you in Albania and is it your first time here? What do you think about our country?
Well it is a beautiful country, I have been here before when I worked for the United States government many years ago and I was able to meet the police at the time, we set up a very good cooperation with the department of the ministry and since then a lot of Albanian police officers have come to our FBI academy in Virginia and FBI school in Budapest. I am here on this visit to see my friends, PMOI and to thank the Albanians and particularly their government leaders for allowing them to be settled here from Iraq, where they were under great threat and have been subject of many attacks by the Iranian regime and its agents, so myself and a very large group of prominent Americans and our State Department including our former Secretary John Kerry have thanked the Albanian government and the Albanian people for providing safety and support for this very good group of people.
Q: You are a supporter for the Mujahidin. So what do you think about their living in Albania? Do you think the U.S. should adopt a more favorable attitude towards the Mujahidin? Since when you became a friend with them, as the major Iranian opposition group?
I have been a supporter of the PMOI for many years, going back to at least 2012 and of course our government now, the United States government is very much in support of them, they have not only assisted, provided for the resettlement here in Albania, but they have also worked with the United Nations and other government authorities to provide a safe passage for them. We are hoping that the United States’ government will also allow PMOI members and their leader Mrs. Rajavi to come to the United States, because they express the same principles of freedom and democracy that we believe in America. 
Q: Do you believe the Iranian regime can be overthrown? What is needed for that? And why are you against this regime?
Well, I think Americans are against any regime that suppresses freedom, whether it be religious freedom or freedom of speech, or freedom of political party. The regime in Tehran has been a very clear and consistent opposition to democracy, to freedom and we believe that with all regimes who suppress freedom they cannot be sustained, they won’t survive, and at some point the people who they attempt to suppress will overcome them.
Q: You may know we are in a difficult political situation in Albania, the opposition have vowed not to enter in the next election process in June, because they say the government is crime-related and because of this cannabis planting spread in our country! As an important person in the justice system in America, what do our think about all this, have you met maybe any of our politicians for any friendly advice or maybe did you have any opportunity to discuss this situation with US Embassy in Tirana lately?
I have not had any contact with the US Embassy in Tirana. I met some of the elected officials in Albania and to thank it for humanity, for support, for the possibility of freedom they have given my friends the MEK. Still I do not know much about the political situation here. I am very, very grateful to the people in Albania and their leaders. They have shown kindness and humanity, and covenant, based on the culture here. And it is exceptional. I, many Americans, the political government, the military, have been hit by humanism and support the Albanian people and their leadership have shown, and we are very, very grateful for this.
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