Full text of speech by Bernard Kouchner at Grand Gathering – 2017

Oct 12
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 Iran Probe

We are all in agreement you deserve to be free and independent and democratic. That is for sure.

Well, unfortunately, I am very sorry but I am feeling lonely after an army of MPs, British MP, American MP and the next German MP, but you are in France and thank you for coming.

So I'm very pleased to be with you. For, I don't know, how many times but every year, it is a sort of family meeting now for democracy and for a free Iran. So first and I will be very short allow me to say some sentences in English then after, to turn to France.

I want to congratulate and I pay respect to this fantastic Albanian people and the representative of the Albanian government, because they were the only one to welcome the people from Ashraf and Liberty. So thank you for that, Albanian people.

People of Iran have been suppressed for 38 years by autocratic regime, Islamic extremism and fundamentalism. Meanwhile, we are coming, why? Because, its current form it started with the regime of the Ayatollah. The regime of the Ayatollah is the base of extremism.

So, people of Iran are very right and deserve to get at least a better regime. They deserve to have freedom and democracy. They deserve to have free election through which they can elect their true representatives and not those who have been elected by the supreme leader. And as they all say that this podium, change in Iran will open the way to end the extremism in all the region, the extremism born in the name of Islam throughout the region. This is not because Islam is a good ground for terrorism these people are using Islam as a tool for extremism and murdering.

So, please you have not only your role and the necessity of changing Iran, but be changing Iran is certainly the beginning of a real change for democracy in all the region.

And another time, I want also to congratulate Madame Rajavi. Because it is always a lesson and if I was very prudent I will say a lesson of charm as I can say so it's a lesson of political truth talking in the name of the Mojahedin. Madam Rajvi is a good example this is not only the good example but also the beginning of a real perspective to change the regime for democracy. An Islamic lady to be President of Iran should be the beginning of a huge immense change so all of the time. Madam Rajavi another time congratulation and thank you. Muslim were calling for gender equality separation of religion and state we have the example of what Madam Rajavi said and another time for the third time thank you.


Now a few words in French to end my words. Are you tired? You don’t seem tired but you’ve been listening to the speeches for a few hours now.
In the past in my country, you were the victims of the most diverse and falsified actions. I myself am guilty for listening to opponents of your movement who discriminately accused you of terrorism. Those were lies. I must emphasize that your democratic positions, your firm stances regarding gender equality in politics, about the role of women in politics, on separation of church and state, best stated in Mrs. Rajavi’s words, differentiates your movement from others in the Middle East. One needs only to compare the speeches delivered here to those delivered in other places about the Middle East.
Each time, right before the staging of this annual movement, that gathers thousands of people from all over Europe; Tehran attempts to depict the image of your movement completely lopsided. This time around, maybe by accident, its foreign minister, [Mohammad Javad] Zarif was the guest of our Foreign Ministry yesterday.
I don’t intend to dictate anything to my minister friend, Jean-Yves Le Drian, the Minister of Defense in the previous government and currently the Foreign Minister. France is a long-standing republic with a democratic government, and has the right to accept anyone as their guest. However, each measure has its own right timing.
And accepting Zarif the day before your major rally, in my opinion, was a bad decision. Once again, the mullahs attempted to dis-balance the PMOI movement with blackmail and lies. But thank goodness, no statement was issued regarding Zarif’s meeting, neither by the Foreign Ministry nor the Prime Minister, and this is to my pleasure. I end my speech by saying the mullahs’ Iran is involved in all wars of the region. In Syria, Iraq, Yemen. We must not forget this!
I very much welcome all measures in line with peace. I very much welcome all measures for peace in the Middle East. But not at any price! Not with a coalition, that itself is a threat for peace and placing its efforts to keep the war continuing. I am specifically referring to Mr. Bashar al-Assad.
The peace I’m seeking, the one you’re seeking, the one Iran is seeking, especially in an Iran, is impossible without democracy. Considering the scope your annual gathering now enjoys, you provide the opportunity to express demands for free elections, for a free Iran, as I specified at the beginning of my speech.
Viva Iran
Hail to your movement
Death to the religious government
Viva democracy
Thank you


Bernard Kouchner – From 2007 until 2010, he was the French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs. As a physician he is the co-founder of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Médecins du Monde




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