Full text of speech by Giulio Terzi at Grand Gathering – 2017

Sep 18
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By Staff Writer, Iran Probe

Monday, 18 September 2017 

thank you, thank to all of you.

Madam President Maryam Rajavi, distinguished guests and dear friends, we have heard from you a very passionate appeal tonight to the Iranian people and to all nations of the world and the message has been and will multiply your efforts to bring back freedom, truth, social justice, human dignity to Iran and this is exactly the message that this very distinguished representation of the Italian parliament. The members of the Italian parliament who came here tonight to express to all of you, to all the Iranians in the country and abroad and especially to the Iranians who have been suffering and who still be suffering. They are suffering for the lack of freedom and respect of human rights to express the warmest friendship and solidarity to the country and to the resistance.

This delegation is composed by Members of Parliament who addressed just a few days ago an important appeal to the government an appeal which says the government, Italian government must strongly condemn the 1988 massacre and link any relation with Iran stopping all executions. The Italian government must call on the United Nations to place on their agenda launching probes into this massive crime of 1988 and to send perpetrators to justice. These are the Members of Parliament were here we do tonight we were moving the works of the Italian Assemblies in this direction and to encourage the government to do so.

The time to bring back freedom and social justice and human dignity is right now

It is right now because a new geopolitical reality is unfolding rapidly within and around the country. Democratic governments and civil societies must firmly challenge the obscurantism of a theocracy whose only aim is wealth and power for its members and only for its members through repression and domination and this splendid gathering tonight is a clear sign the change will come soon.

Iranian people are furiously crying for justice and freedom. They will neither forget nor forgive then 1988 massacre of political prisoners.

The Iranian Resistance is escalating therefore its activities inside Iran. Mullahs feel the danger. The presidential election has deepened the regime internal crisis and the Assembly of Experts has issued statements, which are self-explanatory, and I quote: in Islam there is no talk of people's vote or demand and opinion other than the Valeyat. This makes a mockery a clear mockery of any election in that country under this present regime. There are no pretext to recognize the mullahs farce.  Recent landmark researches on democracy in Iran have led to one overarching conclusion that a peaceful evolution to a more human system in Islamic Republic of Iran isn't in the cars, Iran is moving toward greater eternal oppression and Foreign Wars and they will produce even more convulsive internal decent. European leaders and businesses are therefore very ill-advised when they rush at their own risk to the Iranian market as if one is making a new Eldorado and too often the contacts and the business contacts are taking place with the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps companies. World leaders should look to the Iranian people should look first and foremost to the Iranian people to your compatriots and to friends abroad to the expatriate community and they should stand the world leaders and especially the European leaders. They should stand with them they should support the Iranian Resistance, the freedom and human dignity the Iranians are striving for. The message to the mullah must be more than before it is time for them to go.

Thank you.



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