Full text of speech by John Baird at Grand Gathering – 2017

Jul 29
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By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Saturday, 29 July 2017

Madam Rajavi, friends, it is a distinct honor and privilege for me to join you Madam Rajavi, friends, it is a distinct honor and privilege for me to join you in the fight for freedom and in the fight against religious fascism. The people of Iran deserve better than the brutal repression that they faced the hands of the mullahs in Tehran. Friends! I believe that it is an imperative that we speak with moral clarity because the terms of political discourse matters. We Natan Sharansky a political dissident was sitting in the Soviet gulag and heard President Ronald Regan label Soviet Union an evil empire it gave them hope in their pursuit of freedom. And I am so proud that the government that I served in its foreign minister in Canada spoke with great moral clarity. We labeled the entire Iranian regime as a state sponsor of terrorism.

We kick the mullahs’ spokesmen out of Canada we shut down our embassy and we ended diplomatic relations with this regime. Friends, the money that this regime spends on terrorism, on military interference in the countries in the region, the money they spend on the nuclear program is money that is being stolen from the Iranian people and they want it to stop. The good news is increasingly the West is abandoning the failed policies of engagement of accommodation and of appeasement; these policies have failed the Iranian people and their struggle for freedom. Friends we must also put an end to the lie, to the myth that Rouhani and company are moderates. Look at their record, 1,800 executions increased support for terrorism in the region and beyond, brutal military support against Iran’s neighbors and responsibility for crimes against humanity in Syria. Rouhani has supported and has been a leader in this regime for 38 long years. We must speak out; we must speak out strongly against the legitimacy of the recent elections. They are a farce, they are a sham. Friends they are fraud. Only friends and supporters of the regime were able to stand for elections and no women were allowed to run for president. Instead of engagement accommodation and appeasement, there is a better way, the time has come for the Iranian people to take charge of their own future that time has come for regime change in Iran. The crowd at this rally today is the best indication of the desire for the Iranian people to seek a new path. Let freedom-loving people everywhere support the aspirations of Iranian people.

I was so thrilled to hear the U.S. Secretary State Rex Tillerson proclaimed, quote: We must support elements inside of Iran that would be lead to a peaceful translation of that government. And in conclusion, I would like to knowledge the courageous leadership of all of you in this hall today and especially the courageous leadership of Madame Rajavi. Thank you for your courage and next year let’s meet in Tehran.

John Baird, PC is a Canadian former politician. Baird served from 2011 to 2015 as Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs in the cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen.


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