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Full text of speech by Pandeli Majko at Grand Gathering 2018

Jul 19

How are you doing?

Dear friends, we in Albania don't speak your language but I hope that we understand very well each other from another language, the language of the heart and this is the reason that we are doing the difference in such difficult times for Iranian people.

 I know there are a lot of differences in such difficult days but I remember old rule that came from the ancient time that Iranian people know very well having the horse don't means that you are a knight. Having boxes to vote these don’t means that you are free to vote. Albania choice was based on that helping Assad that killed his people with chemical weapon or helping Iranian people that are in need.

 Our choice is to help you and this is the reason that 3000 Iranians are sheltered in Albania.  They are in our faith and Albanian faith is a word large like world is called Besa is famous during the Second World War for Jewish

Is so near for your people, we are waiting to see you soon back in Tehran.

Thank you.


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