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Jul 24
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By Staff Writer, Iran Probe

Monday, 24 July 2017

I'm very honored to be here with all of you and so many distinguished speakers and patrons and guests and I am so overjoyed by the focus of this conference the theme of this conference the hashtag for this conference Free Iran.
It's been a long road and there's still a few more miles to travel and the road has been littered by the blood of your sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, relatives, friends. That book contains 20,000 there have been over 120,000 that have been martyred and it's to them that we owe where we are today. So let's just take a moment to think about them because we wouldn't be here today without them. We also wouldn't be here today without the leadership of Madam Rajavi through the difficult times and the good times and the horrible times she's always remained hopeful that we could stand up and say Free Iran. Well, we now can do that.

Our brothers and sisters that were kept in Iraq are now in Albania due to her efforts and the efforts of Senator Torricelli, judge Mukasey, Lou Freeh so many others that all worked so hard to get it done and. We want to thank the Albanian government and we want to thank the Albanian people for their humanity for their big heart and for their decency I wish my country had stepped up and done that and I am in great awe and respect for what they did.
But due to all those efforts, we can now focus on something a little bit different. We have a different world in many ways. We have a different administration in Washington. Did you know that? And a different set of principles and a different way of looking at the world and under President Trump's leadership, I believe he can help us rid the Iranian people of the oppression that has subjected them for so long. You only need to read his speech in Saudi Arabia to see that he is laser focused on the danger of Iran to the freedom of the world. Not just the freedom of the region but the freedom of the world. Unlike prior administrations, he's not in a state of denial. He understands how it would be extraordinarily dangerous for the world to have a nuclear Iran he realizes how dangerous for the world it is to have an Ayatollah who was a theocratic dictator and a madman, and he also realizes as we do that the only way we're going to have stability in the Middle East and stability in the world is exactly the theme of your conference a Free Iran, built on the principles that we all share and we can never repeat them too often.
So the people understand what the MEK what the resistance movement stands for. Because they try through propaganda to demonize you. Here's what you stand for: you stand for freedom of a religion you stand for freedom for women, you stand for free elections, you stand for the rule of law, you stand for respecting human dignity and human right, that's what we need in Iran and that's why you're the hope of Iran.
So finally on this long road that we have, we can kind of see an end of it wecan finally I think see an end. I don't know when it's going to happen I didn't know when the Soviet Union was going to fall but I knew it was going to fall. I don't know exactly when this regime is going to fall but I know it is and I believe it's going to happen sooner rather than later. And I am very confident it's going to happen in my lifetime. But it is just like we didn't get here by just saying it we got here by the blood of those martyrs and the work of those people and Madam Rajavi and your work. We didn't get here easily. This was a very hard road to get where we are right now without Madam Rajavi people sitting there all of you, we wouldn't be where we are. Well, we're not going to get to the next step without a lot of hard work. But at least now we can see it we can see the world beginning to turn its eye on Iran and seeing it realistically. We can see being able to convince the world that there are no moderates members of the President Iranian regime.

When I hear the word “moderate” and I hear the name “Rouhani” I think of the fact that he has actually killed more people in Iran than Ahmadinejad. Maybe he shouldn't be so moderate. He's a complete phony he presents a moderate image to the world and to the Iranian people he is a violent vicious murderer. So they are afraid of him. As Madame Rajavi said it is long past time to declare the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. They have on their hands the blood of so many of your people. But they have on their hands the blood of my people too who they helped to kill in Iraq and who they've helped to kill the years and who they've held hostage. If they're not a terrorist organization there is no such thing as a terrorist organization and we should declare them a terrorist organization so we can cut them off for support around the world. And time has come for regime change in Iran when we were going through what was called the Arab Spring and we overthrew Mubarak and we overthrew Qaddafi. I consistently asked the question if we're doing that why aren't we overthrowing the Ayatollah. Were they worse than the Ayatollah was Mubarak worse than the Ayatollah and we supported that overthrow and the world community made the people who did that person of the year was Qaddafi worse than the Ayatollah? He’s a really bad man but he had given up his arm as weapons of mass destruction he was completely neutered he was kind of useless and we got rid of him. The two of them together can't even come close to the number of people the Ayatollah has murdered. two the number of atrocities that he's performed and to what the Iranian regime has done to its people and to other people including my countrymen and that's why there is nothing radical there's nothing extraordinary it's just a matter of common sense and self-defense that we say there must be regime change in Iran.

It's inevitable it is going to happen regime change in Iran is going to happen, the people of Iran who you know better than I do will at some point they will just rebel maybe a few years ago when they rose up if we had a leader like we had under Ronald Reagan when the people of Poland rose up if we had a leader who had merely said we support you it might have happened. Well we support you and it is our job not to affect regime change in Iran that's going to happen it's to make it happen now in our lifetime. So we can come back here next year or the year after and we can celebrate and we can celebrate in Iran and we can celebrate all around the world a free Iran based on the principles that you and I and our countries share. Now we overthrew these other governments Mubarak and Qaddafi and we had no idea what we were going to replace them with what did we get in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood worse than Qaddafi. Thank goodness they have been overthrown but through no help of ours. What did we get in Libya a homeland for terrorists and the loss of four brave Americans including our Ambassador? In this case, there's something different we have an alternative not only do we have regime change but we have an alternative and that alternative is you. It's a democratic alternative, it's a force for change, it's well organized, it has popular support and it has a vast network of supporters and whoever doesn't believe that I asked them to do two things take a look at how many of your fellow competitors are murdered by the regime. Think of how frightened the regime in Iran is of MEK that will tell you how strong you are and second come and look at this gathering from all around the world, and once this gets started it won't just be the MEK it will be all those people in Iran that 90 percent or 95 percent or 96 or 97 or maybe 98 percent who you know are yearning for the same thing you're yearning for. They want freedom they want control over their own lives. they want to be able to speak freely and they want to practice their religion the way they want to not the way the government tells them, you know your own people better than I do and you know that's what's in their heart and it's the murder and the oppression of the government that is stopping that from happening and we have to break that loose and supporting the MEK is one of the reasons and one of the ways to break that loose under the leadership of a great hero Madam Rajavi.

So I'm here today much happier than any time I have been here because we no longer have some of our brothers and sisters stuck in Iraq and again thanks to the good-heartedness in the wonderful spirit of the Albanian government and people we can say to them you're safe. I'm happy that I'm here today because I truly believe what I've said and what Madam Rajavi said and what many of the speakers are going to say that a free Iran is on the horizon. But I'm happiest to be here because finally, finally, I can say and I can probably say this with a good deal of authority that the government of the United States supports you we're behind you we agree with your values the government of United States understands the danger of Iran the government the United States will not allow Iran to become an empire in the Middle East and the United States of America will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power under any circumstances.

This is the first time I could stand here the first time I could stand here and feel proud of my government every other time I stood here I was embarrassed for the cowardice – for the denial for the unwillingness to see Iran for what it was and finally I can stand here and say you, I, my government and your leadership we see Iran in exactly the same way the regime is evil and it must go
Free Iran!

Rudy Giuliani is Former New York Mayor who was appointed as adviser on cybersecurity to the White House for President TrumpRudy Giuliani is Former New York Mayor who was appointed as adviser on cybersecurity to the White House for President Trump


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