Full text of speech by Tunne Kelam at Grand Gathering – 2017

Aug 31
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By Staff Writer, Iran Probe

Thursday, 31 August 2017

good evening dear brothers and sisters. It’s such a privilege to be among you I am alone but I represent the biggest democratic parliament in the world, the European Parliament. And I brought a message to you signed by 265 members of the European Parliament to support Iranian opposition. You know we have for many years the group of Friends of Free Iran in the European Parliament I am one of the vice presidents and I am the only acting member of the European Parliament who has visited Ashraf. But we recall in our document which we have distributed and presented to you to put Revolutionary Guards in terrorist lists because of the deeds, to call United Nations to investigate massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988, to stop death penalties and to support ten-point program of Maryam Rajavi.

But today it was mentioned by our American friends that President Obama committed grave mistakes regarding the nature of the regime and the nuclear agreement.

But the European Union is much closer to Iran. Therefore, today there's no excuse for continuing to cherish illusions about moderate dictators, ignoring the bloody hands. Real politic, pragmatic interests at the cost of principles have always failed and it’s the utmost time for European politicians to learn this.  Some days ago a wonderful American politician, Nikki Haley who represents us in Security Council compared Iranian regime to scorpion who despite the nice promises to approach remains true to its moderate nature it's thinks and Iranian regime has supported another scorpion the Assad regime.

We must be clear about it in the Europe. Today there's no doubt anymore then regime is cracking in all terms that is this collapse is imminent. I have seen the collapse of the Soviet Union now 26 years ago and nobody believed in it that time. I've been living in Soviet dictatorship for 50 years and working underground for 20 years. But we managed to bring about the collapse of this regime. Now today there's no question whether Iranian regime would collapse, the question is in time and the price. Because every additional day of the rule of this regime means hundreds of lives, hundreds of people murdered, tortured, arrested, and we have to present a question can we afford such a cost.

Therefore, today the slogan is not as soon as possible but sooner as possible, we can do it. And thank you and my special thanks to all of you who have come here all around the world it was difficult but it is worthwhile.

 And special greetings to our family friends in Ashraf. I think the most wonderful thing I saw today was all smiles from Ashraf smiles we know the cost of terror the cost of threats the cost of anguish but these were victorious smiles and we see smiles. We are going to win

Thank you


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