Iran: 100 death row inmates summoned in Urmia prison

Apr 28
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100- plus death row inmates in Urmia prison fears to be executed in coming days
100- plus death row inmates in Urmia prison fears to be executed in coming days

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Thursday, 28 April 2016

At least 100 death row inmates in Urmia Prison, in northwest Iran, have been summoned and told their case will be “finalized” in the next three months. This unprecedented measure has raised serious concerns amongst these prisoners and their families.

Urmia Prison authorities summoned these inmates to the jail’s religious center and demanded addresses and personal specifications, according to the Hrana news agency. The group of inmates summoned numbered at least 100 prisoners.

“They were told their cases will be finalized in the coming three months. Officials have ordered complainants to either finalize the issue of ‘qisas’ (eye for an eye ruling) and have these prisoners executed, or they will be released on bail, as there is not enough space in the prison,” an informed said.

It is worth noting that the abnormal practice of summoning a large number of death row inmates has raised major concerns amongst prisoners’ families and the inmates of Urmia prison.

During the past few months reports about executions have become means to oppress protests and uprisings inside the country. A number of executions carried out in the past few months were:

- Execution of three inmates in Zahedan Central Prison (southeast Iran) on the morning of Tuesday, April 26th. The names of these prisoners were Sadegh Rigi, 30, who had already spent 5 years in ward 3 of this prison. He was from the city of Zahedan. Mohammad Sanjarani, around 25 years of age, who had spent nearly 5 years in ward 3 of this prison. Jamsheed Dehvari, 28, from the town of Sarvan, who had already spent 12 years in ward 8 of this prison.

- April 24th: A prisoner in was hanged in Sari Prison in northern Iran. He was 27 years old and identified by the initials of A.Ch. It is worth noting that on this very day another prisoner by the initials of H.H. was also hanged in this prison.

- On Saturday, April 23rd a 25-year-old inmate of Zahedan Central Prison was executed. This prisoner, Javad Sanji, had already spent 5 years behind bars in this jail.

- On Wednesday, April 20th, an inmate introduced as 31-year-old H.M. was hanged in Bandar Abbas Central Prison in southern Iran.

- 10 inmates were sent to the gallows from the 14th to the 16th of April, coinciding with a visit to Iran by EU foreign policy chief Frederica Mogherini. Three of those executed were in Rasht Central Prison (northern Iran) and 7 others, including two women, were executed in group style in Birjand Central Prison (northeast Iran). Prior to this 14 inmates were executed on the verge of visits by the EU foreign policy chief and the Italian Prime Minister.

- On Sunday, April 17th, two young prisoners were hanged in Mashhad, northeast Iran. The names of these two individuals have yet to be announced. On this very day death sentences were issued for two other prisoners in Alborz Province, northern Iran.

- Four prisoners were hanged on Sunday, April 17th, in Dastgerd Prison of Isfahan. Their names were announced as Mojtaba Kazemi, Hamid Shahsavand, Hamid Mahdavi and another prisoner whose name was not declared.

- On Thursday, April 14th the regime in Iran carried out a group execution in Birjand Central Prison, hanging five men and two women. Mohammad Niazi from Golestan Province and Moheb NadrHemmati were two of the inmates executed. Names and specifications of the remaining others were not presented.

- A female inmate was hanged in Kashmer Prison in the early morning hours of Thursday, April 14th. Her name was Amene Rezaiian, 43, from the city of Taibad, northeast Iran. Another woman by the name of Khavar B. also faces imminent execution in this prison.

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