Iran- Clashes reported in Ahvaz between Arab population and Security Forces

Mar 31
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By Iran Probe Staff

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Following the popular uprising of the Iranian people, Arab countrymen in Ahvaz rallied in protest against neglecting their Arabic identity by government television, which continued on Friday for the fifth consecutive day.

The protests began on Monday, when a television program about various Iranian nationalities, did not refer to Arabs in the province of Khuzestan

Demonstration against state television

 On the morning of Wednesday, March 28, thousands of Arab citizens of Ahwaz in front of the Khuzestan TV building, located at Ahwaz Golestan Blvd, held a protest rally   against what they called "racist acts" against the Arabs by the country's official media.

Arrest of 26 people on Thursday

Thousands of Ahwazi Arabs gathered in Naderi Street on Thursday, April 9, to protest against what they called "denial of their identity" by state television. During the demonstration, security forces arrested 26 protesters, among them three Arab women activists.

Demonstration in Mahshahr

Also in Mahshahr, another city of Khuzestan province, on Thursday, March 29, Youth from Taleghani town,  joined the Ahwaz residents in protesting against the official TV station's insult towards Arab Iranians and chanted slogans against the Iranian regime's discriminative and oppressive policies against the people of the Khuzestan province.

Friday - Security Forces and Police attacked people of Ahvaz by shooting at them

Nearly 5,000 protesting the Arab people gathered on Friday, in the city's central bazaar in response to the insults by the state television. Ali Souri, a parliamentarian with a presence in the protest, tried to calm them down, but protesters threw him out of the rally.

Following the failure of this MP, police and security forces attacked the rally by closing the Narodi Bridge and firing bullets and tear gas, and arrested a number of them.

Armed conflict in Kot Abdullah

According to news from inside Iran on Friday, in “Kot Abdullah” there has been a clash between the police and the anti-riot guard, and the youth. The people clashed with riot forces following a peaceful demonstration that took place on the morning of Friday, March 30th.

Initially, people rallied peacefully and chanted slogans in the description of the beautiful Ahwaz, but the police and anti-insurgency forces surrounded them and fired at them, which were mutually were confronted by protesting youth.

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