Iran: Hassan Rouhani’s fruitless visit to Pakistan

Mar 28
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By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Monday, 28 March 2016

The BBC Farsi website posted a report describing the visit by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Pakistan as unsuccessful.

“The ideological and religious persistence of the Islamic republic state, and its illogical actions in its international relations and economic measures have– and will continue to – lead to further isolation,” the report reads in part.

This post, prepared by Abdul-Sattar Doshoki of the London-based Baluchistan Research Center, contains interesting facts of the appalling status of Iran’s foreign policy following the appeasement seen from the U.S. and European countries in providing Tehran major financial and political concessions during last year’s nuclear negotiations.

“Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visited Pakistan along with a large delegation of ministers, senior government officials and businessmen. However, he returned to Tehran empty-handed,” Doshoki wrote.

According to the Iranian presidency website, Rouhani in his meeting with the Pakistani Prime Minister and other senior cabinet officials in Islamabad said, “Iran will guarantee Pakistan’s energy needs, and the people of Pakistan should be certain that Tehran, as a strategic partner, will always go the limits to provide their needs in oil, gas and electricity.” However, the truth is from an economic perspective China will not allow this, and from a political perspective the United States and Saudi Arabia will not permit Pakistan to rely on Iran for its energy.

Arrangements have been made for a major portion of Pakistan’s gas needs to be provided through the “Peace Pipe” running from Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India. Another such pipe from Karachi to Lahore will provide gas from Qatar. As a result, strategically and effectively, Turkmenistan and Qatar will be providing Pakistan’s short-term and middle-term energy needs.

Saudi Arabia is also fully committed to providing Pakistan’s oil needs. Most importantly, the Pakistan Oil Minister said during the Iranian delegation’s visit, “Due to various sanctions we cannot do anything for the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project.”

Doshuki says Iran’s more than three-decade long policy of making enemies, adventurism and anti-West sentiment has placed this country in a very weak position these days… Iran’s ideological and religious persistence, and its illogical actions in its international relations and economic measures have – and will continue to – lead to further isolation.

The Islamic republic, based on its double-faced nature and dishonest policies, has no consistent strategy in its economic policies and trade engagement with the outside world. Outdated viewpoints based on selling oil, pistachios, rugs and saffron no longer any place in today’s complex world. Moreover, the Islamic republic continues to view the modern world through its optics of religious viewpoints, animosity and propaganda missile launches…

As a result, despite the many remarks made and numerous meetings held, the visit made by the large Iran delegation to Pakistan provided no tangible results.

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