Iran: Khmenaie, You imprisoned and tortured my father

Mar 06
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By Iran Probe staff
Monday, 6 March 2017
Shima Babaie, a civil activist in Iran, has bravely published a letter recently written to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei describing in detail this regime’s crimes and especially the arrest of her father. Persian-language social media websites have widely covered this letter.
Shima Babaie was arrested by intelligence agents on May 25th, 2016, for taking part in protest rallies. She was released on May 31st under a 100 million toman bail (equal to more than $26,000). The father of this civil activist, Dr. Ibrahim Babie, is a former political prisoner arrested once again in 2009 and sentenced to five years in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison.
Shima in her letter to Khamenei wrote about her father:
“At the age of 17 my father was first arrested in the early 1980s for simply possessing a number of books, considered a crime in this Islamic state, and sentenced to a year behind bars. He was placed under the most vicious psychological and physical tortures in Sari Central Prison…
“Resisting and not succumbing to cruelty is a specific characteristic of our people, a nation that has suffered depressing fates for opposing you! ... My father graduated with a PhD and continued with his life until 2009 when, according to you, the sedition began! My father, along with a number of his friends, took part in public protests and was arrested on charges of measures against national security. He was sentenced six years and nine months behind bars, and 74 lashes! This was how once again the devious shadow of your state fell upon my family! … During all those years when I could only see and hug my father once every month, during those meetings I would see many families who were condemned to being discriminated, either because of their beliefs or their actions. The common charges raised against all of them was their actions or beliefs that opposed you and your state!
“During these years I was acquainted with families that your dear Basij members had shot and killed their loved ones in the streets, or on that very day in December 2009 when they used military vehicles – tasked to provide the people’s security – ran over their loved ones!
“I was acquainted with a mother whose 19-year-old daughter was sentenced to death for protecting her honor and dignity, and hanged after enduring 7 years behind bars.
“Despite all your advances that one cannot write about them all, I couldn’t remain in the face of the cruelty imposed on my family and I, my friend and my country. I rose in protest and it didn’t take long to find myself alongside my friends, in my father’s shoes in your hideous prison cells, with all the psychological tortures and long interrogations…”
Shima Babaie ends her letter to Khamenei by saying:
“The people are aware, and I have some advice for you:
“Step down with this 38-year report before Iran is engulfed in chaos and civil war, and provide the possibility of holding free and fair elections allowing the people choose their own fate…
“And we promise to hold open-door courts for all those who attacked Iran and Iranians in these past decades. We guarantee you this, which we will not raise any nooses anywhere in Iran, and we will not repeat your despicable history!”
Shima Babaie2

Shima Babaie pay tribute to Reyhaneh Jabbari, executed in October 2014

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