Iran prosecutor to political prisoner: You will die behind bars

May 16
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Afshin Sohrabzadeh political prisoner suffering from cancer
Afshin Sohrabzadeh political prisoner suffering from cancer

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Monday, 16 May 2016

The physical conditions of political prisoner Afshin Sohrabzadeh, exiled in Minab Prison in southern Iran and suffering from intestinal cancer, deteriorated severely on Saturday, May 14th, and he was transferred to the prison clinic where he constantly vomited blood, Hrana news agency reported. However, prison officials refused to allow his transfer to a hospital outside of prison. A few days prior to this incident the Minab public prosecutor had told this prisoner, “No problem. If you cannot procure a medical furlough document you will simply die in prison and we will send your corpse to the morgue.”

A source close to this ill political prisoner said, “Afshin requested a medical furlough, and in response the public prosecutor said he must provide a bail of 1 billion rials (over $33,000). Afshin responded he couldn’t come up with such money and the public prosecutor said you can die in prison and your parents can come and receive your body.”

Prison officials confirm the intestinal cancer this prisoner is suffering from and documents confirm physicians saying Sohrabzadeh has once been saved from imminent death. Officials have also emphasized on the necessity of transferring Sohrabzaeh to a medical center outside of prison and for him to serve his remaining term in a larger and more equipped facility.

This prisoner, suffering from severe intestinal cancer and internal bleeding, now weighs only 40 kilograms and his status is becoming more dangerous with each passing day. However, judiciary officials, the Minab public prosecutor and prison officials continue to refuse to send him to a hospital despite the fact that physicians have insisted on his need for medical care in a hospital outside of Hormozgan Province.

It is worth noting that Amnesty International recently issued a statement demanding urgent action on the conditions of political prisoner Afshin Sohrabzadeh detained and exiled in Minab Prison, while suffering from intestinal illnesses and breathing difficulties. No measures have been taken to this day despite all this effort.

In 2015 Sohrabzadeh underwent an unsuccessful surgery that led to further internal bleeding.

In 2014 he was able to gather the $65,000 bail demanded by the judiciary, yet Minab Prison officials refused to provide any such permission to him.

Considering the fact that Sohrabzadeh’s identification documents were confiscated upon his arrest, he is also deprived of any health insurance.

Sohrabzadeh was born in 1990 and arrested on June 8, 2009. In a court hearing that lasted a mere 2 minutes he was sentenced to 25 years behind bars in exile on charges of cooperating with Kurdish opposition parties. This ruling was upheld by the Supreme Court in Iran.

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