Iraq – Terrorism: Do something for the old men and women in Fallujah on the verge of death because of hunger

Apr 07
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An Iraqi women cries for help form the besieged Fallujah
An Iraqi women cries for help form the besieged Fallujah

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Thursday, 7 April 2016

Following news form the city of Fallujah currently besieged by Iran-backed Shiite militias on one hand, and Daesh (the Arabic acronym for the self-proclaimed Islamic State) on the other, and living in inhumane conditions, al-Tagheer TV (broadcasting inside Iraq) aired the report below on April 6th citing a woman from the city of Fallujah. She was seen calling on the local and central governments, the provincial council and relevant parties to intervene and provide humanitarian support for the people of Fallujah. She said these people have resorted to eating weeds to stay alive.

Woman in Fallujah: This message is to all noble human beings, anyone hearing my voice, we are dying of hunger in Fallujah, we can no longer tolerate it. There is no bread, no dates, all of our dates are finished, we are besieged. We went to the market yesterday and we saw rotten dates were being sold for 13,000 dinars each kilograms (around $11) and I could only look at it. I am a mother with four children. We have no food, no water, Daesh is living its own life, eating, drinking, and resting well. However, none of us can say a word. If anyone says we are hungry, they execute their family’s men, and take away the women. Enough is enough. [Iraqi Prime Minister Haider] al-Abadi, why don’t you say anything about Fallujah in your conferences? Who do we have? Enough is enough. They have besieged us. We are dying of hunger. Our children are looking in the trash to find something to eat. How much longer does it have to be this way? My child is 9 months old and sick. We don’t even have Oral Serum to give him instead of food. What can we do? You, being the government, have remained silent. They have besieged us and they themselves are eating and drinking. There is no food, no medicine found anywhere. We are even besieged inside our own house. There is not even any more wood that we used for a fire to cook food. All the orchards are dry. We are eating weeds. I can eat weeds for a month and then die. But a child cannot tolerate this. What will become of them? Find a solution for our situation. Either bomb us with chemical weapons and annihilate all of us, or find a solution. Enough is enough with this. Fallujah is gone. For those who have any decency, you have to know that Fallujah is gone. Do something for the old men and women, for the children.

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