Iraq: People of Fallujah under siege by Iran-backed militias

Mar 29
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People of Fallujah suffering from severe starvation due to inhuman siege caused by Iran-backed militias
People of Fallujah suffering from severe starvation due to inhuman siege caused by Iran-backed militias

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Political figures of the city of Fallujah in Iraq held a press conference in the northern city of Erbil saying the humanitarian situation in Fallujah is catastrophic due to the blockade imposed by Iran-backed Shiite militias, with support provided by the Iraqi government, Al Jazeera TV reported.

Under the pretext of the war against Daesh (the Arabic acronym for the self-proclaimed Islamic State) and through its Shiite militia proxies in Iraq under the command of Hadi al-Ameri, Iran is advancing its proxies under heavy U.S. airstrikes and besieging the areas retaken from Daesh to completely cleanse the Sunni locals.

“There is a complete catastrophe inside Fallujah, and on a daily basis children and senior individuals are losing their lives due to the lack of food. There is no longer any food found in this city. Infectious illnesses are spreading throughout the city due to the lack of medicine,” said Hamid al-Arsan, a known local leader in Fallujah.

“The cities of Anbar have not been liberated. In fact they have been relieved of Daesh terrorists, but fallen into the hands of even more dangerous Shiite militias,” said Abdulrazzaq Shemeri, a senior tribal figure in Anbar Province. “We are demanding the seige to be lifted. Those who have besieged the city of Fallujah must be taken to court as war criminals according to the law. We have requested our government to end the Fallujah siege, yet they have taken no actions and we are now reluctant to once again raise our demands. Sunni politicians are also to blame because they only seek their own interests.”

The Iraqi Association for Salvation and Against Iran’s Expansionism said what is taking place against Fallujah residents by government officials is a war crime.

Many human rights organizations, including the Geneva Center for Justice, have condemned the international silence vis-à-vis the pains and suffering of the Fallujah people, and consider the Iraqi government responsible regarding the crimes of mass killings…

Dr. Mohammad Sheikhli, Director of the London-based National Center for Justice: “We are facing two crimes. The first was from Daesh and the second is now through the siege imposed against civilians. The Iraqi government has flagrantly violated the 4th Geneva Convention. The Iraqi government must abide by the Geneva accord, provide secure areas and lift the siege imposed on the Fallujah locals. There is an ongoing government and international silence in the face of this crime.

The humanitarian situation in Fallujah has intensified due to the siege imposed by the government for the past two years.”

Dr. Nosser bin Salman Omar, a senior religious figure in Riyadh said his organization, consisting of members from 40 different countries, issued a statement in this regard two days ago.

“The issue is at the roots and must be resolved fundamentally. Obama considers the Sunnis terrorists. The Popular Mobilization Forces are supported by Iran and the Iraqi government is a proxy. This issue must be resolved from the bottom up. Ever since Iraq was occupied by the U.S. and Iran, the entire country is now considered a target. Children and women are being killed as we speak. Daesh has become a pretext to eradicate Sunnis in Fallujah. The locals of Fallujah are not associated to Daesh and they oppose this group. The number of Daesh members in Fallujah is very limited.” 

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