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KRG condemns Iran shelling in its borders, summons consul

Jul 05
Iran Continues Shelling Kurds In Iraqi Territory
Iran Continues Shelling Kurds In Iraqi Territory


Wednesday, 4 July 2017

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) condemned shelling of its territory by Iran on Monday which wounded three people and forced three villages to be emptied. The KRG will be summoning the Iranian consul to Erbil.

"It comes at a time when we are committed to the basis of being good neighbors and not meddling in one another's affairs. We are not party to the problems between the Islamic Republic of Iran and opposition groups," read a statement from the KRG Monday evening.
"As the Kurdistan Regional Government is condemning this act, it also calls upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to give up attacking civilians and the soil of the Kurdistan Region," the statement read, adding that civilians, including villagers and nomads, are victims of the bombings.
Villagers in Gundazhor, Shoraw, and Galazher abandoned their homes, fearing the intensity of the bombings Monday morning.
The KRG also says it had summoned the general consul of Iran in the Kurdistan Region "to convey the message and protest of the KRG” to Tehran.
One civilian and two Peshmerga fighters of Kurdish rebels opposed to Iran were injured by Iran’s cross-border shelling into Kurdistan Region’s Balakayati area of Choman town on Monday morning. 
The shelling targeted an area where three Kurdish armed groups opposed to Iran are present. They include members of the Iranian Democratic Party of Kurdistan (PDKI or HDKA), Iran's Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK, HDK), and the Komala party.

Iran has shelled areas inside the Kurdistan Region on several occasions on the pretext of the presence of armed Kurdish groups on its border. 
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