Maryam Rajavi: All regime factions involved in crackdown, terrorism & plundering

Mar 06
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Maryam Rajavi in the EU Parliament, Brussels, giving speech on the Iranian elections
Maryam Rajavi in the EU Parliament, Brussels, giving speech on the Iranian elections

Iran Probe
Sunday, 6 March 2016

Lack of firm policy on human rights violations in Iran encourages mullahs for further killings in Syria

Al Arabiya Farsi website wrote on March 5th, 2016: The Friends of a Free Iran Group in the European Parliament, consisting of over 200 MEPs, held a conference on Wednesday, March 2nd in the European Parliament Headquarters in Brussels. The subject of this conference focused on Iran and its domestic and foreign policies. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran was the guest of honor in this seminar, with the participation of dozens of MEPs from various factions.
“These elections, held without the presence of the opposition, was actually a competition between the current and former officials responsible for all the torture and executions in Iran,” she said.
“Elections results will not render any change in the Iranian people’s political and economic life. This regime has no path to moderation and a more open society. All its political camps are involved in the regime’s crackdown, terrorism and plundering. Rafsanjani is a former president of this regime and member of his cabinet are wanted by the German, Swiss and Argentine judiciaries for their roles in terrorist attacks outside of Iran. Hassan Rouhani’s 2½ year record is 2,300 executions inside the country and increasing massacres against the Syrian people. Khamenei, relying on the Revolutionary Guards, will not relinquish his grip on power and any change inside this regime will plunge the entire establishment into further insecurity and a paralyzed state, and finally to its all-out overthrow.”
Maryam Rajavi denounced the European Union’s position vis-à-vis human rights violations in Iran and turning a blind eye on Tehran’s participation in massacring the Syrian people, warning: “The absence of a firm policy on human rights violations in Iran will encourage the mullahs to re-launch their nuclear weapons program and intensify their warmongering abroad, especially the carnage in Syria. With money placed at Iran’s disposal by the West after relieving sanctions, Iran is providing Bashar Assad with advanced weaponry purchased from its allies. By killing the Syrian people in large numbers Iran is flooding the very Western countries that ended their sanctions with new waves of refugees. The tragedy of Syria, the crisis in Iraq and instability throughout the Middle East will only find a solution if first and foremost the Revolutionary Guards is evicted from these nations. The most dangerous element is involving Iran in the Syria dossier.”
Abdulahad Ostifu, representative of the national coalition of revolutionary forces and the Syrian opposition, emphasized on Iran’s criminal role in the unprecedented massacre of the Syrian people, and called for international condemnation and urgent action against the presence of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and affiliated Shiite militias in Syria.
“If Iran and the Revolutionary Guards had not supported Bashar Assad, he would have been overthrown years ago,” he said.

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