Syria – Iran: a wolf penancing marks its death

May 23
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General Assaad Al Zoubi, President of the Syrian opposition delegations council in Geneva talks
General Assaad Al Zoubi, President of the Syrian opposition delegations council in Geneva talks

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Monday, 23 May 2016

General Assaad Al Zoubi, President of the Syrian opposition delegations council in the Geneva talks, said in an exclusive interview with Iranian opposition TV ‘Simaye Azadi – INTV’ emphasized on the solidarity amongst Syrian freedom fighters and the Iranian Resistance, and called for action by the international community in the face of terrorism by the regimes of Iran and Syria.

“An Arabian proverb says everyone will die as they were grown. Therefore, Iran and the Bashar Assad regimes, or Hafez Assad when he was alive, were born to be despotic, criminal and corrupt regimes. Furthermore, as I mentioned in the proverb, a wolf penancing marks its death. The regimes of Iran and Bashar Assad and Hafez Assad have been despotic, and regimes of terror, from day one, and they have been born from terrorism and for even more terrorism; that is why they cannot live without or apart from terrorism, and to continue their very existence they resort to creating even more terrorism, backing and exporting it. That is why we are never surprised of the crimes committed in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and at times in other areas such as Saudi Arabia or Bahrain. They are currently expanding this circle; these issues are not limited to this region alone. In fact, they may expand to other areas too. This is also true about the crimes committed by the mullahs’ regime inside Iran. When the mullahs’ regime kills its own people, will it have any problem in killing the people of Syria inside Syria? Or the Iraqi people? This is completely natural. Now, look at their similarities. The mullahs kill Iranians inside Iran, and Bashar Assad kills Syrians. Aren’t these two regimes the flip sides of one coin? This is the best evidence that both of these regimes believe in terrorism, work for terrorism, export terrorism, support terrorism and both are rooted in terrorism. We are not surprised that the mullahs execute millions of Iranians, and Bashar Assad executes millions of Syrians.”

Al-Zoubi emphasized in response to a question about the Geneva talks, in which he led the Syrian opposition negotiating delegation:

“We were hoping the international community would live up to its humanitarian obligations. Commitments stated in articles 12 and 13 of UN Security Council resolution 2254, emphasizing on sending humanitarian aid to besieged areas, and also lifting the siege and releasing detainees, at least the women and children. However, the international community did not live up to its responsibilities. In the second round it was more of the same, and three rounds passed, with the international community unable to render even one food basket to the besieged areas, and unable to even one female detainee released, while they are suffering from various illnesses and on the brink of death. This comes at a time when conditions have reversed and arrests have increased in Syria. We were hoping the international community would provide the necessary grounds for negotiations. However, we will not return if such conditions are not return.”

 Brigadier General al-Zoubi went on to describe the relationship between Syrian freedom fighters and the people of this country, with the Iranian people and Resistance.

“I believe the Syrian and Iranian resistance movements have been born from pains and sufferings. The pains and hardships the Syrian people are currently living under are the same pains and hardships the Iranian people are suffering from; from the cruelty of these corrupt and despotic regimes resort to, and I believe this very issues pushes us towards further unity and cooperation, and in a direction to truly get rid of these oppressive and dictatorial regimes. Not only because of the nations of our countries, but for the liberation of all nations in the region, because these two regimes have proven that they work very tenaciously to disrupt the region’s security and stability, not only in Syria and Iran, but the entire region. Therefore, I believe the time has come for the world to know the amount of terrorism the Iranian regime commits both inside Iran and abroad; and also the terrorism committed by the Syrian regime inside the country and abroad, along with the organized terrorism of Hezbollah. I believe the world must establish a united front against this terrorism.”

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