Syria: The continuing struggle in Darayya

May 24
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Darayya children spell out “SOS” in Wednesday's demonstration. Photo courtesy of Local Council of Darayya City.
Darayya children spell out “SOS” in Wednesday's demonstration. Photo courtesy of Local Council of Darayya City.

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Darayya, a city located southwest of Damascus, has been under siege by the Assad regime for the past 4 years. Media outlets are estimating the number of residents inside the city being no more than 8,000. Despite years of a blockade, Assad military forces have not been able to take complete control over this region. Many people have lost their lives because of hunger.

After a few months of negotiations arrangements were made for UN and ICRC food convoys to enter Darayya. However, last week the Assad regime blocked the entire convoy, including trucks of medical supplies. A commander of the Islam Martyrs Brigade linked to the Free Syrian Army in the city of Darayya said in an interview with Iranian opposition TV, ‘Simay-e Azadi’, or INTV:

“Iranian regime forces, along with the Assad regime, have for four years besieged the city of Darayya. These are the forces harassing the Syrian people across the country, from here in Darayya, after all the perseverance, and all the heavy casualties we have inflicted upon the occupying forces of the Iranian regime and Assad. We are now under siege and hungry, and we are facing a serious shortage in food and medicine. After coming in contact with specific UN delegations about food stuffs, the Assad regime only approved convoys of medical supplies. When these convoys reached checkpoints near the city, they were not allowed and even fired upon. Two individuals died on the spot, a father and a son. Today, the Assad regime, supported by sectarian militias, attacked Darayya from the south. However, with the help of God we were able to fend off their attack and we inflicted many casualties and losses upon their units. Two T-72 main battle tanks were destroyed and they also suffered a large number of casualties.

The people of Darayya, despite all these years of being under siege and the crimes of the Assad regime and the mullahs of Iran, emphasize on continuing their revolution until final victory… The artillery fire and bombings and the hunger, to whatever extent they increase, and however long the revolution takes, we have brothers who are very devoted. Freedom fighters who sacrifice their all for the revolution because they will not back down from the responsibilities of this revolution. God willing this people will continue their revolution until its objectives are reached, and this is what everyone is witnessing and victories are achieved one after another across Syria.

“However, in Darayya it has been 4½ years that the regime is attacking this city. Darayya has become a very complex situation for the Assad regime. This city continues its battle, and will continue in the future until its objectives are met, being freedom and the overthrow of the criminal Assad regime and all the Shiite militias fighting along its side.” 

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