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Syria: The World Neglects As Assad Continues Attacks On Aleppo

Jun 15
Syrian girl screaming beside her dead father killed by Assad regime's airstrike
Syrian girl screaming beside her dead father killed by Assad regime's airstrike

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Airstrikes targeting various parts of Aleppo continued on Tuesday, killing a number civilians, the Syrian opposition Orient News reported.

“We are currently witnessing the unprecedented use of banned weapons and equipment against the Syrian people. One of these weapons is napalm,” said Riyadh Hijab, chief coordinator of the Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee.

“The Syrian opposition is suspending its participation in UN peace talks due to Assad regime’s massacres against the Syrian people,” he added.

As the war crimes of the Assad dictatorship continues in Aleppo and attacks on residential areas, Medecins Sans Frontiers announced the world has closed its eyes on the massacre taking place in Aleppo.

“During the last week the Aleppo physicians that we support have reported increased attacks against civilian facilities… clinics, markets and residential areas are under fire and no one is doing anything about this,” said the MSF Syrian bureau chief.

Last Tuesday the Aleppo forensics service announced it has run out of various supplies including caskets and body bags for the dead.

“The number of those killed in the past two weeks in Aleppo is far beyond all estimates… In contrast to the month of April these massacres are taking place in silence. As the world has focused on the battles against ISIS bases in Iraq and Syria… the Damascus regime has re-launched its non-stop airstrikes against Aleppo with aerial support provided by Russia,” the French Liberation daily reported.

“Damascus and its allies are continuing their attacks on Aleppo… at a time when there is not much left to be destroyed in the city. Despite a major campaign rallying ground forces by Iranian militias alongside Lebanese and Iraqi paramilitary groups fighting parallel to Syrian government forces, Aleppo has to this day been able to resist all these attacks,” the report adds.

577 people have died and more than 2,800 left injured after 52 days of heavy bombardment against Aleppo, the Syrian Human Rights Observatory reported. These relentless and monstrous bombings are continuing and causing the destruction of people’s property, infrastructure and hospitals in Aleppo. 122 children and 86 women are amongst the 577 who have lost their lives in these attacks.

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