Tirana: Super meeting of the Iranian opposition, MEK

Mar 24
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By Iran Probe staff
Friday, 24 March 2017
The Albanian Top Channel TV covered the New Year feast of the MEK members in Albania at its evening prime hour news bulletin. Apart from Albanian politicians, guests from around the world took part in the celebration including John Bolton from the United States. 

Excerpts of the report:

3,000 members of the Iranian opposition MEK, who live in Albania celebrated the new Persian year in TIrana, known also as Nowruz
First they expressed their gratitude towards the Albanian hosts represented by well-known politicians like Pandeli Majko, Fatmir Mediu and Elona Gjebrea who were cheered like sultans on the occasion of Nowruz.
As a sign of opposition to the regime of the Ayatollahs, head of the Albanian Church was also present.
What flamed the enthusiasm was the leader of the Iranian resistance Maryam Rajavi who lives in France, and has been in Albania for a few days to care for this huge event which in its size should be envied but the Albanian political parties.
In fact, the main fear for the regime of the Ayatollahs is exactly this enthusiasm which can create a strong political party especially with the support of the international community.
Rajavi declared, “Today, Khamenei is facing three great difficulties: first, fearing the resistance of the Iranian people; second, fearing the American policy in the region which has alarmed the regime seriously; and third, the dilemma of the successor to Khamenei, which has led to a deep crISIS in the regime. The western governments should not buy the lies of the regime, the farce elections and the victimization of the Iranian people.”
Until now, the strongest support besides America has been from the small country of Albania. The deputy minister for Internal Affairs, Ms. Elona Gjebrea declared, “During the period of 3 years in an excellent cooperation with our partners we managed to organize the relocation operation of 2,500 members of MEK, with the perfect coordination and without a single incident. And today all of you are here.”
For Fatmir Mediu [leader of the Republican Party] leadership of Rajavi is a model of inspiration for many people around the world. “This is a day of reflection and responsibility to continue our fight for freedom. The only thing necessary for the triumph of the good is that people are united. What God has given cannot be taken away by evil,” Mediu said.
Pandeli Majko [former Prime Minister of Albania] also spoke. Majko referring to the opposition party said, “We socialist think that the last 4 years in Albania have been days of Nowruz, but they think that the day of Nowruz will come after the elections. We are debating each other and we might quarrel about the time, but for you there is no political language.”
Present on this festive meeting in TIrana were also important people from the United States and France, two countries which have helped in the relocation of the 3,000 MEK from the Liberty Camp in Iraq to Albania.
Among them was the former ambassador of USA in the United Nations and the person who has been talked about by Donald Trump for the role of the Secretary of State, John Bolton.
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