Deadly missile attack of 29 October 2015

Deadly missile attack of 29 October 2015

Camp Liberty residents came under another missile attack on Thursday night, October 29, 2015 which 24 residents were slayed and dozens injured. The attack was the worst to have targeted the camp so far. About 80 missiles targeted the camp making craters as deep as 7 feet and wide as 23 feet. The explosions were extremely powerful playing havoc with the camp, leaving burned-out trailers, with debris scattered across muddy ground. The residents were in their housing trailers when missiles started to fall.
This horrific attack, targeting a half square kilometer location, clearly indicates that the Iranian regime through its proxies within the Iraqi government seeks to annihilate and silence Camp Liberty residents by any means. This is the fourth attack on the camp causing untold damage. The electricity and all communications of the camp were cut off and large sections of the camp and a great number of trailers caught fire. The destruction left behind is estimated $10 million. 357 trailers and 275 air conditioners were either destroyed or rendered totally nonfunctional. 10 dining halls were totally devastated. In addition, a large part of water, fuel and wastewater tanks, water network, generators and electricity systems, vehicles, facilities, computers and home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines, etc. were completely demolished.
The Iranian Resistance and the residents’ representatives, as well as many parliamentarians and prominent international figures, had repeatedly warned the United States and the United Nations in the past two months of Iranian regime’s intent to stage another massacre. Since the MOIS agents, under guise of visiting relatives of the residents, lurking around just outside the camp, the residents sent ample warnings, however, no preventive measures were taken and the US and UN failed yet again to fulfill their official, written commitments to protect Camp Liberty.

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Photos of Missile Attack on Camp Liberty - October 29 2015
Photos of Missile Attack on Camp Liberty - October 29 2015

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