Who are Iranian MOIS agents?(Part 2) Issa Azadeh

Mar 24, 2020
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One of the Iranian MOIS agents is Issa Azadeh . he had been employed and trained by the regime’s intelligence service and dispatched to the European countries for demonization project against MeK.

Issa Azadeh left Camp Liberty and introduced himself to the Iraqi forces on November 26th, 2013 as he could no longer tolerate the conditions. He was then transferred to Hotel Mohajer in Baghdad (the known base used by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and terrorist Quds Force agents) to plan and carry out plots against Liberty residents.

Issa Azadeh, VEVAK / MOIS agent

In addition to using these individuals for various purposes inside the country, the Iranian regime uses them to fuel its demonizing efforts against the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) in Europe.
During the few months he stayed in Hotel Mohajer, Issa Azadeh was recruited by the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) through three individuals by the names of “Sajjad”, “Mousavi” and “Hosseini”, according to a statement issued by the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s Security and Anti-Terrorism Commission on February 23rd, 2014. Azadeh continued his full cooperation, including threatening and bribing other individuals stationed in Hotel Mohajer to give in to working with the VEVAK / MOIS.
With the help of a UNAMI monitor by the name of Dorani (the Afghan assistant of former UN envoy in Iraq Martin Kobler) Azadeh also sent letters containing VEVAK / MOIS messages for various Liberty residents, raising their serious protests and revelations of these plots.
The reward Azadeh received for his services was being able to freely exit the hotel and commute to Baghdad, while the others needed permission from the VEVAK / MOIS and would always be accompanied by Iraqi agents. Azadeh stayed at the hotel for a year and provided all the services possible to the VEVAK / MOIS and the Iraqi security forces. During his numerous meetings with the Iranian regime’s embassy terrorists in Baghdad he always boasted his readiness for any and all kind of cooperation.
Afterward the Iranian regime’s numerous websites congratulated Azadeh’s entrance into their circle of VEVAK / MOIS agents:
“We congratulate Issa Azadeh, and especially his family, after escaping Rajavi’s sect of terror and horror.” (Nejat Society Website – June 9th, 2013)
After a year of cooperation, the VEVAK / MOIS rewarded him by secretly transferring Azadeh to Iran. They provided a passport (serial # 16359085, dated February 12th, 2013) and transferred him to Iran for “briefing and training” to carry out further missions. He is currently working for the VEVAK / MOIS in the cities of Tehran, Kerman and Jiroft.
Due to his knowledge of Camp Liberty he played a role in planning rocket attacks against the residents, according to reports obtained from inside the regime.
Despite all previous cases when the agents’ return to Iran were widely posted in the Iranian regime’s websites and media outlets, the VEVAK / MOIS quietly transferred him to Iran to take advantage of him as much as possible. After a few months of VEVAK / MOIS training, the next step was his transfer to Europe and processing him as a refugee in order to cloak any trace of his relations with the Iranian regime and whitewash his stay there. The objective was to introduce him as a critic of the PMOI / MEK and have him appear in various shows staged by the VEVAK / MOIS outside of Iran.
It is worth noting that VEVAK / MOIS agents are not only focused on the Iranian opposition and PMOI / MEK, but also against all Iranian refugees and asylum seekers in Europe. When needed, the Iranian regime will attempt to use them in its terrorist attacks.

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