Exclusive..In Albania- Motives for being more feverish than Mullahs against MEK

Jun 07, 2020
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*By: Mehri Saadat and Nahid Saadat

We were informed by a friend that an individual named Gjergji Thanasi, has posted an image of us and our brother in his Facebook. We have already seen his name in media as a person in Albania having relations with the notorious Iranian Intelligent Ministry (MOIS). When we visited his Facebook, we noticed that he had advertised, Iran-Interlink Facebook that posted the images of our family. Iran-Interlink like Nejat website and dozens of other websites is both a MOIS cover website and a round clock contributor to the MOIS demonizing machine against Mojhahedin-e Khalq (MEK). We also noticed that Thanasi is a follower of these websites and regularly shares the MOIS accusations against MEK in his Facebook. It seems, he is a mouthpiece of the criminal mullahs in Albania. The accusations that he promotes in his Facebook, claims that three of us have been detained in Ashraf3, MEK compound in Albania and our mother in Iran cries for help demanding a visa from Albanian government to come Albania and visit us. Not a person with a common sense on earth can believe that the Intelligence Ministry of the fascist-like regime of Iran cares about the families of MEK's members, running a campaign for receiving visa to enter Albania.

When we both were minors, as (Mehri) 16 and (Nahid) 14 years old, due to our support for MEK and peaceful activities and struggle to bring freedom to Iran, we were arrested in Northern city of Tabriz. We were immediately tortured and harassed by the henchmen of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) of this murderous and terrorist regime.

We witnessed that in the Iranian regime's prisons that how this regime misuses a member of a family to intimidate other members. One day we saw a new prisoner, later we found that she is the daughter-in-law of Mullah Hassani, the then representative of the Supreme Leader and the Imam of Friday prayer in northern city of Urumiya. His son and daughter-in-law were among the opposition hiding to avoid being arrested. Mullahh Hassani revealed the hiding place of his son and daughter-in-law to IRGC. Then, Iranian regime immediately executed the son, Rashid, with the confirmation and praise of the Father, Mullah Hassani. Rashid's wife was transferred to the prison that we were in. In that time, it was unbelievable for us and other prisoners, how a father can do that, falling to such degradation. However, this is a reality that whomever ties with this regime would plummet to such evil. Many high ranking officials of the regime reported on their children who were opposed to the regime in order to be executed. One of them was, Muhammadi-Gilani, the then regime's Prosecutor General, who signed the execution verdict of his two sons, MEK members. Mullah Jannati, the current head of the Guardian Council and one of the highest-ranking official of the regime praised God when his son was executed due to his support for MEK.

One of our most bitter memory from prison is about Soraya Abolfathi, a heroine who was great example of endurance under torture. We were in a same ward with her.  We remember when the regime's torturers could not force her to cooperate with them against the MEK, executed her while she was pregnant. 

Now, such regime, commiserates for the member of our family, running a campaign that our families demanding traveling to Albania to visit their loved ones, but the Albanian government does not give them visas.

What is the reality beyond all these demonizing campaign by a desperate regime?

The reality is that after the firm expulsion of the Iranian ambassador and other regime's diplomats, who were involved in malicious and terrorist activities in Albania, once again, the Iranian regime is trying to replace its terrorists. So, it intends to dispatch its terrorists and dangerous agents under the cover of a family member or among "MEK's family members" to Albania. This is the same thing that the regime was doing for a long time when we were residing in Iraq. All those measures were steps of paving the way for killing us and our friends in Iraq.  

Therefore, we are certain that refusal to give visa to these terrorists under the mask of "family", would block the way of exporting Iranian regime's terrorism to Albania. On the other hand, it would lift the pressure on MEK family members in Iran who have been dragged to such campaigns by the pressure and intimidation of the Iranian regime. 

We should point that the measures of Thanasi who promotes the wills of the murderer Iranian regime against its democratic opposition in Albania, on one hand, is deplorable and on the other hand it is surprising that how a Christian person in Europe is so passionate  about an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist regime in a country too far from Albania.  

What is the connection of such enthusiasm and loving those whose honor is killing their own children with luxury trips of Thanasi to Iran and sightseeing with VIP and official protocol vehicles of the Iranian regime? What are his motivations to be more feverish and flamed than the mullahs in Iran to engage in the Iranian regime’s demonization campaign against MEK.  The passage of the time will answer all these questions, or alternatively for the regime to be on the verge of collapse, all the documents and witnesses of the regime’s crimes and its enthusiastic friends will soon surface after its downfall.    


*Mehri and Nahid Saadat are two sisters and former political prisoners Iran at the age of 16 and 14. They are currently living with their brother and other members of the Iranian Mojahedin in Ashraf 3 in Mansa, Durres.

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