Coronavirus and crisis in Iranian Regime

Jun 10, 2020
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June  2020

  1. Sources of Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) in Iran report that the death toll due to COVID-19 mounts to nearly 50,000.
  2. The Health Minister of regime announced on 2nd of June, that the total infected individuals in past 24 hours reached to 3117 which is four times than one month ago and is the highest figure since past 3.5 months.
  3. The Iranian regime since the coronavirus crisis began, has covered up the real figures and released the false information. The British Daily Mail published an exclusive report on May 29, 2020 about this subject and wrote that the shocking video shows that sick Iranians faint in streets. The activists reported that the corona pandemic had been started from the China Embassy one month before the official announcement.
  4. While the Iranian authorities acknowledge that more than 60 million Iranians live under the poverty line, still spend most of the Iran's budget on external terrorism and internal suppression, the budget that are being looted by the Iranian leaders. Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, the chair of Security and Foreign Policy subcommittee in Iranian parliament said on May 20th that Iran has paid 20 to 30 million dollars for continuation of the war in Syria. Iran's currency has lost 50% of its value during past 6 months and 80% in last two years.
  5. The situation in Iran is critical, so that the state-ran medias and Iranian officials warn about a huge uprising and furious. The state-run media, Araman wrote on April 12, 2020: regarding the current political and economic situation in Iran and noticing this reality that the lower classes are facing sever poverty, the supper corona crisis tells us about a great humanitarian catastrophe inside and outside Iran. Un apart community, lack of a productive system, massive self-employment, accumulation of poor and emigrants to the cities, and ... act as a social bomb that could be explode and lead to a social unrest.
  6. In this situation, MEK and Iranian resistance had a consecutive role in revealing the decisive policy of Iranian regime about the coronavirus. The mullahs' regime is facing a survival crisis. Mullahs wanted to use coronavirus crisis as a survival tool; however, it has been turned to its gallows. Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, demands a young government with a pattern of Qassem Soleimani in order to suppress the further uprisings. Khamenei, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, regime's officials and experts continuously warn about a greater uprising than previous ones in January 2018 and November 2019. The Supreme Leader said on May 17 that he is worry about the influence of the MEK among the youth and students, as well as internal crisis and collapsing within.
  7. Khamenei's remarks are repeating by his followers more clearly as saying: "now, we are witnessing that the MEK has waken thousands of its slipping cells, the Resistance Units, with central commandership and gives them duties." The state-run media, Raja News, May 17, 2020.
  8. Confronting this critical situation, the intelligent experts of the Iranian regime give different solutions. One of the regime's intelligent experts says: "the greatest measure that can be considered as a basic and positive step against MEK is declaring the identity of this organization to the public opinion, particularly in a country that MEK presents (Albania); this would be a step related to a public diplomacy. This step will open the way for further steps to put pressure on the stats that support and host this organization. Families can put pressure on the Albanian government by exposing MEK."
  9. In this frame work, recently, the Iranian regime restored to a preposterous and repeated tactic, sending petition to officials. This is the news: 11000 families of MEK members in Tehran sent a petition to Prime Minister Edi Rama, entitled: "our children have been captured by terrorists in Albania". It is ridiculous that they wrote this has been happened with the complicity of Albanian government. MEK members are less than 3000 in Albania and are from different parts of Iran; now how it could be 11000 families are just from Tehran, unless they have proper relation with the Intelligent Ministry of the Iranian regime. The reality is that the Iranian regime follows two aims through these false accusations: firstly, running a psychological war against the MEK and secondly, dispatching its agents to Albania under the cover of family members for spying and planning terrorist plans. Reaching this goals of course, is not easy for mullahs after expelling their ambassador and three terrorist diplomats from Albania.
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