Iranian regime exert pressure on families of PMOI / MEK members in Albania

Oct 10, 2020
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Vahid Reza Dolatshahi, is a resident of Ashraf 3 in Albania. He has been a member of the Iranian resistance for freedom and democracy in Iran led by the Iranian Mojahedin or MEK.

He explains how the Iranian regime with the absolute cruelty has tried to annihilate the MEK for the past 4 decades slaughtering 120000 from the movement; however, it has failed to destroy the MEK.

Text of Vahid Reza Dolatshahi’s remarks:

My name is Vahid Reza Dolatshahi, a resident of Ashraf 3 in Albania. During past 40 years, I have been a member of the Iranian resistance for freedom and democracy in Iran. This resistance is led by the Iranian Mojahedin or MEK. I'm speaking as a person who has suffered torture for many years in the Iranian regime’s prisons.

The Iranian regime with the absolute cruelty has tried to annihilate us as the MEK for the past 4 decades. During this period, it has slaughtered 120000 of our combatants to stop our movement; however, it has failed. This regime is facing a growing protest; in a way that the top officials of the regime admit that, they are waiting for their downfall.

The regime’s criminals, who could not succeed in annihilating us physically, are trying to keep themselves in power by demonizing campaign and false accusations against the MEK. One of their tactics is misusing our families against the MEK and us. The families who have been taken hostage under a medieval dictatorship in Iran. Under the name of our families, the Iranian regime publishes some documents, demanding visa to come to Albania. This is a plot of the regime.  It tries to dispatch its terrorists and agents to Albania under the pretext of our families and family visits. It is while, those of our families that came to camp Ashraf in Iraq and when they returned to Iran, were arrested and executed.

The Iranian regime and its Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) use the same tactics that Hitler's gestapo was using. Here in Albania, the Iranian regime has two allies, Gjergji Thanasi and Olsi Jazexhi.

The latter, even named me and my brother in his website, Gazeta Impakt, to pressure Albanian government, saying: my brother demands visa from Albanian government to come to this country to visit me.

It is crystal clear that our families in Iran are hostage in the hands of this regime. This regime put tremendous pressure on them to repeat its allegations.

In a mockery way, in their phony articles and interviews with these victims in Iran ask if they are free to talk. And in these foolish shows, in a way that cannot fool any kindergarten kid, they reply yes we are free.

Let's see how is freedom in a county that Jazexhi is saying he loves its rules. The humanitarian organization, reporters without borders says:

Iran “has been one of the world’s most repressive countries for journalists for the past 40 years. State control of news and information is unrelenting and at least 860 journalists and citizen-journalists have been imprisoned or executed since 1979”

Can you imagine 860 journalists being imprisoned or executed in Iran so far?

The Amnesty International recently published a report of vast detentions, tortures and killings in Iranian prisons. The name of reports is: Trampling humanity.

I've been in regime's prison as a political prisoner and witnessed and experienced some of these tortures. It is still unbelievable that how can a person be so devoid of humanity that torture his fellowmen systematically. On the other hand, how inhumane is that some others justify and support these crimes. I mean supporting killing and torturing our families in Iran.

On September 12, the Iranian regime executed Navid Afkari, an Iranian national wrestling champion, for participating in anti-government protests. In addition to the US government and widespread protests against this execution inside Iran, many world champion athletes, 5 UNHCR rapporteurs, 18 Nobel laureates, European governments such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, and. Hundreds of international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, have condemned the killing of the national hero of the Iranian people. But Olsi Jazexhi in his tweet is insulting the millions who supported the right to freedom of expression and assembly in Iran, called their martyrs a thug murderer. Shame on such people who sell themselves for the money they get from Iran. This money is the blood money of our sisters and brothers in Iran.. Of course, he himself admits that he receives money from Iran.

He says in a video clip that the laws of Iran are good and lenient, and I love that these laws are applied in Albania.  Imagine if we had Iranian laws applied in Albania. It will go back to the era of dark ages especially the oppression of women as Amnesty International has said a condition of trampled humanity.

Article 83 of the regime's penal code states that one of the punishments for women is stoning them. A few years ago, films leaked about stoning women in Iran shocked the world. Article 104 states that the stone used must not be so large to kill the woman immediately. Or must not be so small that it does not work. According to this law, a woman must be killed gradually and with pain and suffering.

A woman's blood money is half that of a man. The testimony of two women in court is equivalent to the testimony of one man. The age of puberty for women is 9 lunar years, ie about 8 years. Moreover, at this age, the father can marry a girl under 9 years old.

Article 179 states that anyone who drinks alcohol will be sentenced to 80 lashes. If he repeats three times, he must be killed. Consider if these laws, which are favored by Jazexhi as very soft, are implemented in Albania.

Anyone found to be supporting or even providing financial assistance to the Mojahedin or MEK is sentenced to death under Article 186, even if he did not take part in military operations. His sentence is execution according to Article 190 as follows:

  1. Kill him, 2- Hanging on the gallows, 3- First amputation of the right hand and then the left leg

I have seen in various writings that he begs one of the MEK members to have a public debate with him. Does it make sense to debate with someone who propagates the regime's demonizing policies and the lies of the Iranian regime and calls the martyrs of the Iranian people thugs? Before any debate with this person, he must free himself from advocating the criminal killers of our brothers and sisters and first condemn the crimes of this regime. A criminal regime that has killed 120,000 Iranians namely MEK members and executed 30,000 prisoners in the summer of 1988 just for refusing to reject the MEK. A regime that suppressed the protests of the people only in November 2019 and martyred 1,500 people, arrested 12,000 people, and injured 4,000 people.

This is my seventh year in Albania, and I thank Albanian people for their hospitality and humanity. They treat us like their own family. Politicians from the ruling party and opposition parties are united in their support for us and in blocking the regime's terrorism in Albania. I think their words are, before everything else, an insult to the honor and humanity of our Albanian brothers and sisters.

Good day to all of you friends.

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