EU foreign policy chief wearing hijab is a flagrant insult to Iranian women

Mar 17, 2016
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EU foreign policy chief wears a headscarf under orders issued by the mullahs during her visit to Iran
EU foreign policy chief wears a headscarf under orders issued by the mullahs during her visit to Iran

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Thursday, 17 March 2016

EU foreign policy chief succumbing to mandatory hijab is an insult, will increase crackdown on innocent Iranian women

Yesterday various media outlets cited Agence France Presse reporting European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini will be visiting Tehran on April 16th. Mrs. Mogherini’s visits to Iran have always been denounced by the Iranian opposition.

One must not forget the individuals Mrs. Mogherini will be meeting with in Iran are all officials responsible for executing 120,000 political prisoners, and the same officials in charge of massacring 30,000 political prisoners in the summer of 1988 alone.

As Mrs. Mogherini wears a headscarf under orders issued by the mullahs, or in an attempt to please them, every single day hundreds of innocent women in Iran are arrested, fined and whipped by the elements of these same criminal under the pretext of improper veiling. Such measures by Mrs. Mogherini is a flagrant insult to all Iranian women, with or without hijabs.

zarifBishopiMs. Zinat Mirhashemi, a member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, said in a ceremony marking International Women’s Day in reference to Mrs. Mogherini wearing a chador in Iran, “I will use this opportunity and express how unfortunate it is to hear European and American women officials visiting Iran, giftwrapping messages of their companies and governments to the Iranian regime, and accepting to wear headscarves and succumbing to mandatory clothing relegations. The impact of these women’s actions means giving in to mandatory hijab and supporting crackdown measures by Islamic fundamentalists against women in Iran. Furthermore, female European officials succumbing to mandatory hijab in their visits to Iran actually strengthens reactionary, discriminatory and misogynist laws in my country. To justify its violation of women’s rights and considering them half of men in their constitution, the Iranian regime raises issues about cultural conditions and this is exactly why this regime has not signed the international convention against all discrimination against women. More importantly, this regime does not accept gender equality and the fact that women’s rights are a part of human rights, and a violation of women’s rights is a violation of human rights. Therefore, any official, government or non-government outside of Iran that gives in to this regime’s demands, they are actually sealing non-equality for women in Iran.

“The methods of crackdown used by ISIS (or Daesh, the Arabic acronym of the self-proclaimed Islamic State) against women has been imposed in other proportions by the fundamentalist regime in Iran against Iranian women. Torturing and raping women in prisons, treating female political prisoners as war booty and forcing them to give into mandatory fixed marriages before execution. All these measures have already been carried out by the Godfather of Daesh, being none other than the Islamic republic and mullahs’ regime ruling Iran.

“More than 1,200 people have been executed ever since Mrs. Mogherini has begun her relations and meetings with Hassan Rouhani and other senior Iranian regime officials by accepting mandatory hijab and wearing headscarves. Women have been under immense pressures, and religious and ethnic minorities have faced the utmost crackdown and discrimination. However, Mrs. Mogherini has not even condemned these daily crimes. This is truly shameful for the European Union that is established against fascism for democracy and human rights.”

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