Tehran’s Direct Role in Terrorist Attack Regime’s silent cells try to justify attempting terror attack

Jul 08, 2018
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The Iranian terrorist diplomat has been arrested at this gas station in Bayern, Germany
The Iranian terrorist diplomat has been arrested at this gas station in Bayern, Germany

By Iran Probe Staff

Sunday, 8 July 2018

According to the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office on Monday 2 July 2018, a husband and wife were arrested in Belgium.  “They were charged with attempted terrorist murder and the preparation of a terrorist offence.” …Both are suspected of wanting to commit a bomb attack in Villepinte (France) on Saturday 30 June 2018 at a conference held there by the MEK, Les Moudjahidines du Peuple Iranien.” The Belgian Prosecutor’s Office further state that an “Iranian diplomat at the Austrian Embassy in Vienna” was “arrested in Germany” in connection with the operation. The German daily BILD this week quoted security sources as saying that the pair had gone to Luxembourg where they met with Assadollah Assadi, an Iranian diplomat from the regime’s embassy in Vienna. There, Assadi personally handed them the bomb that they were to use for the attack. German Prosecutor of the case announced it would hand over the Iranian diplomat to the Belgian Judiciary as they have requested of extradition.

According to security sources quoted by the Belgian daily Die Standard the arrested couple said that they had been operating under duress for fear of their families being harmed in Iran, but Belgian investigators believe they were long-term operators for the Tehran regime. They requested and received political asylum in Belgium, because they claimed that they were politically persecuted in their own country. They received Belgian nationality two years ago. On saturday, they stated that they had been pressured by the iranian government: 'otherwise, our family in iran would pay for it.' But according to the security services, they were required by the Iranian regime to apply for asylum from Belgium as if they were threatened and put under pressure by the iranian regime. This was a plan to keep them quiet for years as a 'sleeping cell' of the Iraninan intelligence service (MOIS). France rejected an Iranian protest, saying it would proceed with the extradition of a suspect to Belgium, where the attack was masterminded.

The press release by the Prosecutor’s Office also stated that “Cooperation between the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office, the VSSE, the Antwerp Federal Judicial Police, DOVO and the French (DGSI) and German judicial authorities has made it possible to prevent a terrorist attack.”

Iranian regimes desperate attempt for cover up

The Iranian regime has been desperately trying to cover up the truth. The regime’s Foreign Minister claimed that the whole scenario is set to undermine EU relation with Tehran. The spokesman for the regime’s Foreign Ministry claimed that the whole episode is a plot by the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran and alleged that the couple were PMOI/MEK members, but it kept quiet about regime’s diplomat! Some state-controlled media went even further and suggested a scenario based on which the regime’s diplomat was trapped in contacting the couple! It was also said that the diplomat might have been filmed with the couple.

According to The National on July 5, 2018 “France rejects Iran’s denial over the bomb plot” and “The French foreign ministry said it did not accept the Iranian protestations that the opposition group, known as the National Council of Resistance in Iran (NCRI), had plotted to bomb its own event in Villepinte, near the capital.”

Following the regime’s officials attempt to cover up their blatant involvement in acts of terrorism in Europe, the  regime’s undercover operatives who pose as journalists or opposition activists abroad have begun a campaign to vilify the targets of the terrorist attack and vindicate the actual terrorists.

Among the misinformation being spread by the regime’s silent cells are repeating the regime’s ridiculous claim that the MEK tried to bomb their own event, that the bombing was a deliberate effort on the part of the opposition to cause friction at the subsequent trip to Europe by the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani, and that the half-a-kilo explosives that Belgian police confiscated from the terrorists were only meant to be used as a ‘sound bomb’ with no casualties but creating a media storm.

In tandem with these fictitious assertions, the regime’s lobbyists in the Western media are writing articles once again spreading decades-old misinformation against the MEK – the same bogus charges that were previously rejected by the US, European, British and French high courts.

Below are examples of how the regime’s lobbyists are trying to save the regime from the fallout of its terror blunder.




















Darius Bazargan who posted the above comment on Twitter is the producer of a recent MSNBC segment spreading misinformation about the MEK in Albania. That segment was subsequently debunked by numerous security experts and Iran analysts. His Twitter feed contains near-daily vitriolic attacks on the MEK.

Another known lobbyist of the regime, posing as a neutral journalist, is The Guardian’s Iran correspondent Saeed Kamali Dehghan. His latest piece, published two days after European security agents stopped what would have been a major terrorist attack in France, regurgitates regime propaganda against the MEK – allegations which were rejected by the various high courts in Europe and North America.  


As the Iranian regime’s apologists and lobbies are at work to cover up the Iranian regime’s terrorism and crimes, more reports of the regime’s international crime is coming to the surface.

On Friday this week, Netherland confirmed that it has expelled to two Iranian diplomats. Few months ago, an opposition member to the Iranian regime was assassinated in Netherland.   This week also the interior ministry and Prosecutor office of Azerbaijan in capital Baku announced that the terrorist that killed the Mayor of Ganja the second largest city of Azerbaijan  was trained in city of Qum in Iran and had fought in Syria.

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