Iranian regime’s thugs against combatants of freedom

Sep 02, 2020
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On August 21, 2020, the US sanctioned thirteen Iranians due to the assassination of Prof. Kazem Rajavi a well-known dissident, near his home in Geneva, Switzerland in 1990. The NY Times on 21 August wrote: "Rajavi was the brother of the leader of the People's Mujahedeen... The Mujahedeen's European office in Paris at the time issued a statement quoting Massoud Rajavi as saying the Iranian Embassy in Switzerland organized the killing."

Certainly, it can be said that in recent history, there has not been any country like Iran resorting to both internal suppression and international terrorism. 

Along with killing and torturing its opponents, the regime also puts pressure on dissidents’ families, particularly relatives of Mojahedin (MEK) members, thus imposing constant psychological torture on the MEK members in Ashraf 3 in Albania.  

Tehran is 3,500 kilometers away from Tirana. To impose psychological torture against its victims, the Iranian regime overcame this distance by recruiting two Albanians, Olsi Jazexhi and Gjergji Thanasi, turning them to partners in its fascist crimes.

Two sisters who were tortured in the Iranian prisons for their affiliation with the MEK, and currently live in Albania revealed how Gjergji Thanasi promotes the contents of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) against them and the MEK in his Facebook.  

Gholamali Narimi, another MEK member in Ashraf 3, said that on the 10th of July, Olsi Jazexhi had an online interview with his younger brother and that brother’s wife. “In this interview,” he explained, “Jazexhi with an absolute lie about me and the MEK members, residing in Ashraf 3, persuade these two to insult and make criminal accusations against me and the MEK, which I am proud of being a member of.”

Bahman Mohammad Nejad, in an interview from Ashraf 3 said: “The MOIS has brought my brother and his wife together with my sister and her children online; Jazexhi was online too from Albania. In fact, under the ruling of religious fascism, talking about reality, particularly the opposition, will lead to severe punishment. Therefore, they had to accuse me and the MEK on the online video. Through this malign measure, mullahs with the help of their accomplices in Albania, incite family members to hate each other in the dirtiest ways. Of course, for many years, the main objective of the regime has been paving the ground for its terrorist activities against the MEK.”

Some of those whom Jazexhi interviews online in Iran and tries to bring to Albania work directly for the MOIS and the terrorist Quds Force. For instance, Jazexhi interviewed Soraya Abdollahi, who claimed her son had been abducted by the MEK and was being kept in Ashraf against his will, and later posted the interview on YouTube. Soraya Abdollahi has a viscous background of being a Quds Force agent. brought to Ashraf for one year by the terrorist Quds Force along with other Iranian agents, to use 320 powerful loudspeakers to intimidate and impose psychological torture on the MEK members around the clock.

This video from just outside Camp Ashraf in Iraq shows how she threatened MEK members and said she would turn the camp to dust and hang certain residents whom she identified by name. 


Along with imposing psychological torture on the members of the MEK, Olsi Jazexhi and Gjergji Thanasi, facilitate the Iranian regime's terrorism in Albania. In mid-August, according to the Albanian media, an Iranian agent, Ehsan Bidi, was deemed persona non grata and was ordered to be expelled. 

In 2013, the MOIS facilitated Ehsan Bidi’s trip to Albania from Romania on an Iranian passport. The MEK says he is a dangerous agent of the Iranian regime. But by tirelessly posting fabricated news, Jazexhi and Thanasi have tried to help the MOIS in keeping Bidi in Albania and canceling his expulsion. 

Immersed in the mullahs’ backward and repressive culture, these two, Olsi Jazexhi and Gjergji Thanasi use the same obscenity and vulgarity against the MEK, and worse. Meanwhile, their lies and false news whitewash the Iranian regime’s conspiracies in Albania, and thus endanger the security of the Albanian people and refugees.


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