Iranian Mullahs and Agents of Lies in Albania-7 september 2020

Sep 07, 2020
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Massoud Ahmadi is one the PMOI /MEK members living in Albania, Ashraf3. He has survived dozens of Iranian regime’s ground and missiles attacks in Iraq aiming to annihilate all the PMOI /MEK members. However, Iranian regime has murdered his six sisters and brothers in Iran just for supporting the PMOI / MEK. Massoud Ahmadi talked to Iran Probe sharing Iranian regime’s exposed lies and his worries about activities of the Iranian regimes agents in Albania.

Text of Massoud Ahmadi’s remarks:


I am Massoud Ahmadi at Ashraf 3 in Albania. Ashraf 3 is home to members of the democratic opposition of Iran, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK / PMOI)

 The Iranian regime has been running a large-scale campaign against the Albanian government and the MEK, claiming that it wants to send the families of MEK members to Albania to visit them. I'm going to talk a little bit about this plot.

Six of my brothers and sisters have been executed by the Iranian regime for supporting the MEK.

Three of them were older than me and other three were younger.  I was the middle child of our family. I am from Abadan - Khuzestan province.

My oeldest brother, Khosrow, was graduated from the US, he was an employee of the Iranian Oil Company, he was killed at the age of 29 under torture in Adelabad Prison in Shiraz.

 In addition, my older sister Manijeh was a teacher. Iranian regime forces martyred her in Iran when she was 29.

In the summer of 1988, during the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran, my two remaining sisters and two brothers were executed in Iranian prisons.

Six martyrs of the Ahmadi family who were executed by the Iranian Regime


 All of them, however, had been tried and sentenced in previous years and were serving their sentences.

But Suddenly, they were interrogated by several henchmen known as the Death Committee within minutes and were executed because they refused to give up their support for MEK. 

Well, now let me point-out some of the regime's lies in my case:

The United Nations gave the names of my brothers and sisters to the Iranian regime and asked he regime why and under what law did you executed them?

In an Amnesty International report released last February, wrote about my siblings:

Siblings Farahnaz, Fariba, Mansour and Mohammad Ahmadi were among prisoners forcibly disappeared and illegally executed in the mass prisoner killings of 1988.

Yet, Iran, in its response to the UN, claimed that Farahnaz and Fariba were alive and studying at university,  that Mansour Ahmadi was studying abroad and that Mohammad Ahmadi had been released… Masoud Ahmadi (it means me) said that the authorities warned his family not to hold a memorial service for their loved ones and, when they learned that the family had defied their order, they raided their house and disrupted the ceremony.

End of the quote.

Then Amnesty International researchers came to Albania last year for further investigation and interviewed me.

They were very surprised and shocked by the documents showing that the regime had lied about.

while at least all our friends and neighbors and the whole city are aware of the executions of my brothers and sisters,  but the criminal Mullahs easily deny it and say they are alive and free !!!

page of Amnesty International report entitled Blood-Soaked Secrets about the 1988 massacre in Iran and an interview with Massoud Ahmadi


What else can be expected? Please watch this video and photos about the graves of my three sisters and brothers in Bagh Rezvan Cemetery in Isfahan !!!

Well, as you can see,

the first is Fariba's grave  in row 8, number 13, section 41b1 and

the second is Farahnaz grave in row 8, number 14, section 41b1

and the third is Mohammad's grave is in row 8, number 15, section 41b1.


this film has been taken secretly from Bagh Rezvan Cemetery in Isfahan, Iran. 

 and also these are the photos of the gravestones that you see. As you can see, the regime did not write anyone's date of birth on the gravestones  out of it's fear.

Photos of Fariba, Farahnaz and Mohammad Ahmadi tombs in Isfahan cemetery


Fake and misleading news and psychological warfare by Iranian regime is nothing new at all, and all the people of Iran and the world are well aware of it.

Now look, this is a regime that has become sympathetic to the families of the Mojahedin !!! It's funny, isn't it ?! Of course, but in fact this is a 40-year-old tragedy that has be fallen the families of the Mojahedin as well as the people of Iran and is still going on!

After 40 years of committing crimes and genocide, last November, in just 2 days, the regime killed 1500 innocent people who were protesting hunger and poverty.

November 2019 in just 2 days, the Iranian regime killed 1500 innocent people who were protesting hunger and poverty


Even now, every day, executions are going on in Iran, but the regime sheds crocodile tears for us, and through the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) the regime plays role of a pure Saint here and there!

My three brothers and three sisters were massacred without having committed any crimes except supporting the MEK. Of course, many families in Iran have suffered the same fate as my family. In addition, many do not even know where their loved ones are buried, and some of them are still waiting for their loved ones after more than 30 years.

The fact is, the desperate regime will do whatever it takes, to stay in power. The regime that has committed so many crimes in the last 40 years and its leaders know very well that they will be punished for their crimes, if overthrown by the Iranian people,  the least they can do,  is lying.

Before coming to Albania, we were in a place also called Camp Ashraf in Iraq. The Iranian regime brought families out of Iran to gather outside the camp, but did not allow them to enter the camp.

Agents of Iran around camp Ashraf and Liberty in Iraq


 At the same time, Iranian regime mixed and fixed its agents and terrorists among these so called families. Mullahs now want to apply the same programs and methods in Albania.

Another method is the deployment of Iranian or foreign elements, for which the Iranian regime pays large amount of money.

But, what kind of people are they who are ready to trample on the blood of more than 120,000 martyrs of a resistance for the sake of their personal material interests and make propaganda in favor of the Iranian regime?

While Iranians together with the people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Arab countries hate this regime, there are two individuals in Albania, Olsi Jazexhi  and Gjergji  Thanasi, who are so in love with the Iranian mullahs?! Why do they sell their dignity so cheap supporting a bloodthirsty fascist regime and then attacking and lying about its democratic opposition?

Olsi Jazexhi and Iranian Regime Agent Sorayah Abdollahi


And really, what is the problem of people like Olsi Jazexhi and Gjergji Thanasi with the legitimate resistance of another country that has given more than 120,000 martyrs for the liberation of its people.

 The fact is: Olsi Jazexhi himself says on his video clip on YouTube that he gets money from Iranian regime. The behavior of Olsi Jazexhi and his friend shows that, what they get from this criminal regime is Iranian people’s blood money.

Olsi Jazexhi admits to recieve money from Iran


MOIS uses these two to whitewash the regime and wash the hands of criminals.  Therefore, these people have tied their own destiny to this criminal regime. Khamenei himself has repeatedly admitted that the main enemy of his regime is the MEK. Therefore, he would spend billions to get rid of the MEK. It is true that the regime pays money but these two, should know that the regime makes them to do the dirtiest things.

We have seen on daily basis that many Albanian people give us warm welcome, with their friendship and love. But Olsi Jazexhi recently was interviewed by an Iranian woman it’s said to be agent of MOIS and discussed how they could destroy MEK in Albania. Although, the number of people executed is over 120,000, the Mojahedin and this democratic opposition remained strong, thanks to the strong support of the Iranian people.

Friendly relations between the Albanian people and the Mojahedin


Therefore, although the advice of a nervous short- sighted person like Jazexhi on how to destroy the Ashraf 3 and MEK is very shameful and nasty, it is also very ridiculous. In my opinion, one should not expect more from someone who has become a toy in the hands of criminals.





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