Iranian Intelligentsia and educated community support MEK 55th founding anniversary of the MEK, online event

Oct 12, 2020
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 In recent years, the regime of Iran has done everything it can to degrade the image of the Iranian opposition the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and prove to the world that there is no alternative to the rule of the mullahs in Iran. Among the regime’s efforts is a narrative that MEK is a closed cult, the people in Iran do not support the MEK, and are content with the medieval tyranny that has been suppressing them for more than four decades.

But an online event on September 5, 2020 that celebrated the 55th founding anniversary of the MEK showed a totally different picture: the MEK is an open and transparent movement with diverse support within the intelligentsia, educated Iranian community, particularly women and that the people of Iran are ready for change and are increasingly gravitating toward the one movement that has consistently remained loyal to the goal of freedom and democracy in Iran. At the online conference, which was joined by representatives of more than 300 Iranian associations around the world, many Iranians expressed their trust and support for the MEK as the only viable alternative to the mullahs. And they spoke on behalf of many others in Iran who don’t have the privilege to express their thoughts freely without fear of persecution by the regime.

Soolmaz Abooali

Soulmaz Abu Ali, PhD in International Relations, Professor George Mason University, Iranian Community in Virginia—September 5, 2020 

Soolmaz Abooali is a 12-time US National Champion, World Champion, and USA team member in Traditional Karate. In 2019, she received her PhD in conflict resolution from George Mason University. She is currently a researcher in the US Peace Institute.

" Members of Mujahedeen (MEK) dedicated themselves for the freedom of the Iranian people"

Leaving Iran was not our choice. When I was a kid, we had to flee Iran along with my parents, because they were supports of the MEK. As a successful Iranian youth in the US, I chose supporting the MEK because I believe them and I closely witnessed their honesty and dedication for years.

It is very important not to confuse the MEK's democratic Islam with so called Islam of mullahs. Mullahs are not really Muslim, they represent an inhuman reactionary culture and thought.

In the future of Iran, the ten-point plan of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the Iranian resistance, will be implemented.  What the MEK seek, can be summarized as: free election, gender equality in all aspect, freedom of religion and thought, freedom of dressing for women, separation of religion and state, abolition of death penalty, and a non-nuclear Iran.  

The MEK members try to do their best in their obligations. They dedicated themselves for the freedom of the Iranian people.

They bore all hardships during past decades because of their faith to their cause and their commitment to their goal, downfall of the mullah's regime.

When the MEK says it brings happiness and prosperity to the Iran, they keep their world and endorse it with their blood. 

Now, I ask you, is there anybody else in past four decades, who made such promise? As Massoud Rajavi, the Iranian resistance's leader, said: " we are going to take our freedom back from these criminals."


Yousef Lesani

Yousef Lesani, Pharmacist, Free and Democratic Iran Association in Turin—September 5, 2020

Yousef Lesani, Pharmacist, Free and Democratic Iran Association in Turin—

The MEK will never allow the mullahs’ spread of their deceptive propaganda. The regime refused to provide even the slightest support for the Iranian people. As Mr. Rajavi has said, the IRGC should be dismantled and their budget used to provide help for the Iranian people. If we eliminate the MEK from Iran’s political scene, we would realize what devastation the mullahs would bring to Iran.


 Dr. Hanifeh Khayeri

Hanifeh Khayeri, Researcher, Iran Human Rights Foundation—September 5, 2020

Dr. Hanifeh Khayeri, Researcher, Iran Human Rights Foundation from Sweden, and a supporter of the MEK. Her mother was killed by the Iranian regime while she was four years old.

 Hanifeh, whose mother was murdered by the Iranian regime in 1988, when she was four years, old said: “It is true that I know the organization since I was a child, but this is not the reason for my activity. I went to know about this resistance myself and I consciously chose to support and help this organization. I support the MEK because it has values that are found nowhere else. They have all gathered for a common cause: freedom for the people of Iran. I haven’t seen similar potential anywhere else in the world. We are all on the same path. Iran is one of several dictatorships in the world. But the Iranian people have an organized opposition movement that has stood for 55 years and has only grown stronger and firmer in their ideals.”


Professor Ali Parsa

Ali Parsa, University Professor, Iranian Community of Southern California—September 5, 2020

Ali Parsa, University Professor, Iranian Community of Southern California

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), believe in a secular government. The MEK’s interpretation of Islam is in total opposition to that of the Iranian regime. They are peaceful, they believe in unity, contrary to the regime’s of the Shah and the mullahs. The NCRI by presenting its plan has guaranteed the separation of religion and state, freedom of expression, gender equality and equality between all ethnic minorities and religions


Neda Amani

Neda Amani, athlete, Iranian Youth Association in Switzerland—September 5, 2020

Athlete, Iranian Youth Association in Switzerland

Neda Amani is a 28-year-old Iranian football champion and coach in Switzerland. She is currently coaching the women's team in the second division of Swiss clubs


I am a football coach. I hope to one day help the women of my country reach the gold medal. I’ve spent my entire life in Switzerland, but I can’t stop thinking about the youth in my country. Before I was born, a noble man, Dr. Kazem Rajavi, was killed in this country for being the voice of the oppressed people of Iran. The regime thought that by killing Dr. Kazem, they would shut the voice of freedom in Iran. But today, the entire country has risen against the mullahs. 

We will continue to be the voice of our people and the Resistance Units. These days, we are raising our voices for Navid Afkari, and we will do everything we can to save his life. 


Fatemeh Sarhadi

 Fatemeh Sarhadi, Laboratory Science Specialist, Association for Human Rights and Democracy—September 5, 2020

Fatemeh Sarhadi, Laboratory Science Specialist, Association for Human Rights and Democracy—

I come from the province of Sistan and Baluchestan, whose people are under extreme poverty and repression by the regime. My people don’t have water to drink. I have always been looking for an organization that would defend the rights of my people. My relationship with the MEK did not begin in friendship. I had many questions. But as I asked and learned and came to respect their ideals, the sacrifices they have made and the struggle they lead. As an Iranian Baluch, I’m proud to be a supporter of MEK.


Nathalie Azaly

Nathalie Azaly, Iranian Kurdish activist—September 5, 2020

Nathalie Azaly, Iranian Kurdish activist


The MEK have shown they are defenders of the rights of minorities. Even after the 2017 earthquake in Kermanshah, it was the MEK’s Resistance Units who went to help the people. 

I’m sure that the people of Iran will one day achieve freedom with the help of the MEK and Resistance Units.

The Kurd people, who have been oppressed under the Shah and mullahs’ regimes will become free with the rest of the people.


Virginia Peeshbeen

Virginia Peeshbeen, Physician, Italy—September 5, 2020

Virginia Peeshbeen, Physician, Italy

As a doctor, I want to express my solidarity with the medical staff of Iran in their efforts to counter the pandemic. To the youth of Iran, who continue their brave struggle against the regime despite repression, I salute you and thank you for all you’re doing.


Raha Heshmatikhah

 Raha Heshmatikhah, Student, Futurist Youth Association - Netherlands—September 5, 2020

Raha Heshmatikhah, a student from the Netherlands and the representative of the Futurist Youth, said she chose to become a supporter of the MEK because she admires their sacrifice. “They have chosen to give up everything they have to make sure everyone in Iran will have the opportunity to live in freedom. I also admire their justice. They believe in equality. They have undergone many difficulties, but they have never wavered in their sincerity. The name of the MEK will forever remain in Iran as an example of freedom,” she added.


Ali Fatemi

Ali Fatemi, CAD/CAM dentistry, Iranian Youth Association in Luxemburg—September 5, 2020

Ali Fatemi, a CAD/CAM designer for dentistry and the representative of the Iranian Youth Association in Luxemburg, stressed that the people of Iran draw strength and hope from the MEK. Ali left Iran shortly after the 2009 post-election nationwide uprising in Iran, which was brutally suppressed by the regime.

“I want to testify that after I left Iran I found that the only voice outside the country that cries out tirelessly for the realization of the rights of the Iranian people is the voice of the MEK and the Iranian Resistance. Anyone who is serious in bringing freedom to Iran will find themselves at the sides of the MEK.” Ali expressed.


Roxanna Sadeghpour

 Roxanna Sadeghpour, student, Australia—September 5, 2020

Roxanna Sadeghpour, 21-year-old student from Australia who spoke at the event, was not born in Iran. “But my heart is with my people and I wish to see them one day,” she said in her remarks. She stressed that the MEK has sacrificed all it has to bring freedom to their people. “I know that the MEK fights for freedom and human values and I’m honored as an Iranian that we have an organization like the MEK, and this ensures that we will one day have freedom in our country.”


Ghazal Afshar

Ghazal Afshar, interpreter, Iranian Specialists and Graduates in Italy—September 5, 2020

Ghazal Afshar, interpreter and Chairwoman of the Iranian Specialists and Graduates in Italy, whose father was killed by the regime when she was very young, said she was inspired by the many people like her parents, who gave up their personal lives to fight for the rights of their people. “They made their choice because they wanted millions of children to have the same opportunity that I have,” said Ghazal.


Gholam Vakili

Gholam Vakili, Electrical technician, Swiss—September 5, 2020

Gholam Vakili, Electrical technician, Switzerland

The regime claims that the MEK has no support in Iran. If they don’t have support, then why are they so furious that a TV channel broadcasts a portion of MEK event? Why have they produced 32 films and TV series to defame MEK in the past two years alone? 

Regime officials are acknowledging that the MEK are a threat to their rule.

Making 186 documentaries and TV series and writing 527 books against the Mojahedin shows nothing but the regime's fear of the Mojahedin's popularity among the people. Of course, the mullahs have a right to be terrified. Their overthrow is imminent. 


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